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Cult victims arrested in Finland need psychological help

Two leading Mojahedin-e Khalq members,  Hadi Roshanravani (62) and Mohammad-Ali Jaberzadeh Ansari (60) have been arrested  by Interpol on entering Finland some days ago.

The Iranian government has asked for their extradition to face criminal charges.

At this moment Iran-Interlink believes that extradition of the men to Iran will not serve anybody’s interests. However, we do believe that as members of a destructive cult (the Mojahedin-e Khalq) they must not be handed back to the MKO on their release. We urge the Finnish authorities to put aside the political rhetoric which surrounds the arrest of these victims and look at the evidence of psychological manipulation used by the cult to coerce and control its membership.

Before any criminal charges are considered against them, the two men need to be given urgent psychological and medical attention. It is necessary to establish whether their past actions came of their own free will or whether they have been acting under the influence of mind control imposed by the Rajavi cult.

We urge the Finnish authorities to allow these men some time without any interference from outside influences, that is, visits by the cult’s operatives.

Past experience has shown that spending only a short time outside the direct influence of cult manipulation allows victims to regain some normal perspective. Once the ability to think critically returns, cult victims are able to make informed decisions about their involvement in the destructive practices of their organisation.

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