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Families of Terror victims’ objection to the MKO leader’s visit of Finland

After Maryam Rajavi’s visit of Finland, families of terrorism victims of Iran wrote a letter to the Finland Ambassador in Tehran in order to express their objection to accepting this international terrorist by Finnish government.

Dear Ambassador Salmi;
The purpose of writing this letter is stating some facts, which are not considered by European officials and authorities especially your respected country, Finland. It is better to say that instead of observing the realities, the European officials are following the ideas and fallacies of some special persons.

In this regard, Iran’s Justice Supporters Association, comprising the families of terrorism victims of Iran, intends to express its objection to His Majesty’s government of Finland.

We, the families of terrorism victims in Iran, condemning any kind of terrorism and violence in every part of the world, expect the Parliament and government of Finland to take honest steps in the rout of fighting against terrorism. Today as your soldiers are experiencing the real war against this menacing phenomenon, we demand you to hear our voice and put an ointment on the wounds caused by this ominous event.

Unfortunately, the presence of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization leaders who have assassinated about 16000 civilians after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, in European countries especially in Finland has surprised Iran’s nation.

The meetings between some Finnish Parliament representatives and Maryam Rajavi- Massoud Rajavi’s wife, who has hided himself like his fellow believers, Osama Bin Laden- is really surprising and questionable!

Mr. Ambassador, we, the families of terrorism victims in Iran would like to ask you and your respected government; how could it be possible that your country which has deployed its dearest children and soldiers to Afghanistan to fight against terrorism, and undertook too much expenses in this way, lets the leaders of a terrorist group, responsible for the death of 12000 civilians, travel in your country and visit your parliament members?

MKO was being designated as a terrorist organization in European Union’s list of terrorist organizations until recently and United States still considers it as a terrorist organization.

Mr. Ambassador, we expect the Finnish Government and Parliament representatives to consider this issue and to do some research about the background and previous activities of this organization in Iraq and Iran. Definitely doing so, everything would be clear for you and the Finnish parliament members.

Mr. Ambassador, please do not let your children’s blood be trampled in Iraq and Afghanistan in this sacred rout.

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