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Nejat Society Representative on Press TV

Arash Sametipoor reported that he had been captured in Iran during a covert blankmission.  He attempted to kill himself using an old cyanide pill provided for him.  While he was sentenced to serve eight years in prison in Iran, he was released after four years.  He knows firsthand about life inside a terrorist cult.  While America’s neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) claim that Iraq has its own government now, the truth is that Iraqi political leaders continue to demand that the MEK surrender their weapons or leave Iraq.  Not only has the American military been protecting these communist terrorists, but also the American military has prevented parents of these terrorists from seeing their children at or near Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

Director of the Iran-based Nejat [Rescue] Association’s Foreign Relations Department, Arash Sameti, said the United States refuses to hand Camp Ashraf over to the Iraqi government.

Most of the MKO members currently in Camp Ashraf are ailing, and being physically and mentally abused by their terrorist leaders, he added.

blankNejat Association members have recently held meetings with the European parliament, human rights organizations, Amnesty International and British government officials in London to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis occurring within the MKO. The leaders of the group, headed by Maryam Rajavi, are committing crimes against their own members.

“We urged the European officials to open Camp Ashraf doors to doctors and human rights organizations and rescue the trapped members who don’t want to be part of this terrorist group anymore,”Sameti elaborated.

“We welcome the Iraqi government’s decision to take over the control of the Ashraf Camp and seek the European countries’ support for the release of its members.”

After the US-led invasion of the country, the US put the members under protection in north Iraq amid reports that they had been used by Washington for espionage and violence-related activities.

Iraqi government officials believe the Mujahedeen Khalq Organization is playing a significant role in fueling violence and insecurity in the country. They have banned any deal with members of the MKO, calling on the US to stop supporting the terrorist group.

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