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Iraq calls for international MKO tribunal

A top Iraqi judge has reportedly called on The Hague to probe into the terrorist activities of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).

Addressing family members of terrorism victims in Mashhad, an Iraqi judge tasked with investigating war crimes in oil-rich Iraq, suggested that The Hague launch an investigation into human rights abuses and terrorist activities conducted by the MKO, Fars news agency reported.

“The war on terror has a long way to go and to that end governments and nations need to be united,”said Jom’eh Abdul Davoud.

The MKO is blacklisted as a terrorist organization by many countries — including the United States and most EU member states — for launching terror attacks inside Iran and Iraq.

According to the judge, some 150 MKO operatives are wanted in Iraq but any other members of the organization are permitted to leave the country.

Under the leadership of Massoud Rajavi, the MKO helped the Baath regime of Saddam in the suppression of the Iraqi Kurds in ‘Operation Morvarid’. Thousands of Iraqi civilians were brutally massacred in the operation.

Iraq believes the MKO plays a significant role in fueling violence and insecurity in the country. Officials in Baghdad plan to take legal action against the group and have repeatedly called for its expulsion from the war-torn country.

After the invasion of Iraq, Baghdad sought to take control of the main MKO military training area — Camp Ashraf — and banned any Iraqi dealings with the terrorist group.

The United States responded by bringing MKO members under its protection, fueling speculation that Washington had long employed the group for espionage and violence-related activities.

Following the US intervention, an informed source at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry exposed US plans to relocate selected members of the organization.

Defectors accuse the group of resorting to mind control in an effort to brainwash supporters and establishing a cult mindset among members. Most MKO members stationed at the camp now suffer from physical and mental ailments.

Defectors have also called on the British parliament, Amnesty International and human rights organizations to visit Camp Ashraf and liberate members who wish to leave the organization.

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