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Starving MEK calls for democracy in Iraq: just for the LOLs

Massoud Rajavi apparently doesn’t know how long it takes for a normal human being to starve to death even on a diet of sugar and water. It is surely a lot sooner than 74 days; though perhaps these women have not quite used up their fat reserves yet. But then, since everything the MEK does and says seems to be based on fiction, it is no wonder the journalist completely misunderstood what message she was supposed to convey in her article – since when have the MEK been fighting for democracy in Iraq?! The only blessing for Rajavi is that this story only made it to the local free paper, location of yet another of the MEK’s western backed safe houses. And of course, the diplomats and the public at the American embassy can see for themselves what a joke this outfit is. We bring it to you ‘just for the LOLs’. (Iran Interlink editor)

Hunger strikers calling for democracy in Iraq: ‘I don’t know how long they can continue’

Natalie O’Neill, Hendon Times, November 16 2013

Hunger strikers camped outside the US Embassy are on their 74th day as they continue to campaign for the safety of hostages in Iraq.

The six Anglo-Iranians, five of whom are from Barnet, are drinking nothing but water and eating only sugar cubes in a desperate attempt to draw attention to their cause.

The group has been sleeping in a makeshift camp outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square since September 1, following news that 52 people were killed in Camp Ashraf and hostages taken.

Many Iranians living in Barnet had loved ones living in the camp which was home to the principal Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI).

Laila Jazayeri, director of the Association of Anglo-Iranian Women in the UK said: “I don’t know how long the hunger strikers can continue. I think what they’re doing is a very brave thing – they are very determined but they are very ill and unwell.

“They are desperate to secure the protection of the hostages and the remainder of our people who are now living in Camp Liberty.”

Iran Interlink from Hendon Times,

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