Pars Brief – Issue No. 75

Inside this Issue:

  1. Britain may admit 17 Liberty residents with no links to terrorism
  2. U.S. Pledges Support to UN Trust Fund for Resettlement of Camp Hurriya Residents
  3. MEK Makes Desperate New Iran Nuclear Accusation, Reuters Yawns
  4. German authorities protest over MKO relocation in Koln
  5. Spy nabbed in Israel MKO agent: Ex-MKO member
  6. 5 Enemies of Diplomacy Hell-Bent On Sabotaging Peace Between America and Iran
  7. Just who has been killing Iran’s nuclear scientists?
  8. Meet The Weird, Super-Connected Group That’s Mucking Up U.S. Talks With Iraq

Download Pars Brief – Issue No. 75
Download Pars Brief – Issue No. 75


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