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Conclusive declaration of the Peres et Evener

Conclusive declaration of the Peres et Evener(Ancient Iran, Glorious Future) on the occasion of Iraq government Confirmation in shutting down of the ASHRAF Garrison and supporting such an action

Conclusive declaration of the Peres et Evener(Ancient Iran, Glorious Future) on the occasion of Iraq government Confirmation in shutting down of the ASHRAF Garrison

Paris/France –  2008/12/25 – We, the separated members and the victims of this in humane cult who have lost our pride of life under the captivity and detention of the cult operatives and conductors. So that, we had been under the worst psychological and physical tortures. Therefore, we urge the international organizations including U. N. and all Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Red Cross as well as ruling leaders of the democratic and progressive states to save the life of the remaining victims who include three thousand five hundred individuals. We call for under-mentioned human activities for the maintenance of the life of these victims:

1- We call for the permission of entry into the ASHRAF Garrison where has been as a place to torture the dissidents and others psychologically and physically for many years. The military camp that consists of numerous custodies with the intention of hush-up of the any opposition and dissidence towards the ideology of the cult leader called MASSOUD RAJAVI. As a result, the victim’s families can be able to enter this camp to meet their beloved ones freely.

2- We urge Iraqi govt. to establish the conditions to every resident of the ASHRAF Garrison to have the right to choose any kind of dressing, so that, nobody has to wear military uniform contrary to his or her will and tendency, so, everyone can enjoy the right to dressing.

3- we call for the conditions that every resident of this Military Garrison can be allowed to leave or enter this military camp according to his or her own willing so that, they can enjoy the right to trip to other cities of Iraq.

4- We ask Iraqi govt. to provide the facilities of communications such as T. V., Radio, Internet and Satellite for the ASHRAF Garrison residents to communicate the other parts of the world. The bitter reality is that they have been deprived of such facilities for many years.

5-We call on the Iraqi govt. for the inauguration and opening of a new camp as the old closed camp entitled TIPF so that, the residents can be able to leave this damned ASHRAF Garrison and take shelter in the new camp. Subsequently, they can access the international Human Rights Organizations for further actions including interview and meeting therefore they can determine their destiny and future life in an open air.

6-We call for a delegation of the Human Rights Organizations to refer this camp to contact the residents without the presence of the MOJAHEDIN officials as a result, further truths can be revealed for the world regarding the perpetrated cruelty and persecution by this cult.

7-we call for a medical delegation with supervision of Without Border Doctors to attend this Garrison to visit the whole residents so that, they can obtain real information regarding every ones’ psychological and physical conditions. Then, this delegation is being expected to donate human medical assistances for the in humane cult prisoners and captives.

8- We call for the isolation and separation of these cult commanders who are 200 persons and have been involved in several crimes including "brain washing" and controlling of the victims. Therefore, these operatives must be displaced and there must not be any ideological and organized monitoring so that the victims can enjoy the right to have the free choice of their fate and the path of the life and future.

We reiterate and believe that, locking up the gate of ASHRAF and abolition of this Garrison, is a significant step in rescuing the life of the thousands victims from ominous clutch of RAJAVI (cult’s leader) and his cult operatives. Undoubtedly, RAJAVI is concern of such a condition and endeavoring therefore he and his cult operatives continue to keep the victims forcibly in the ASHRAF GARRISON by all means.

With the best wishing for the freedom of the whole captives and victims in the detention of RAJAVI’s cult and joining these victims to the free world.


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