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Iraqi police entered Camp Ashraf

Iraqi police entered Mujahedin-e-Kahlq terrorist base Camp Ashraf on Thursday 28th,2009.

Camp Ashraf has acted as the MKO’s headquarters and training base in Iraq’s Diyala Province for the past two decades. After the U.S.-led invasion, the U.S. troops disarmed the organization fighters and since then, the camp became under the U.S. military police protection for five years.

After the finalization of a security agreement between Baghdad and Washington, Iraq took control over the Camp Ashraf on January 1, 2009.

The Iraqi government has vowed to expel the members of the terrorist group from the country, maintaining that their presence ‘in Iraq is not an option’.

Iraqi PM, Noori Al Maliki in London Concerning the Mojahedin Khalq presence in Iraq said: “Under no circumstances would their presence in Iraq be acceptable. Irrespective of some speculation that this may be due to pressure from Iranians or non Iranians, I should emphasize clearly that even if Iran asks us to keep them in Iraq, we will not allow this. This is a terrorist organisation present in various lists of terrorist entities across the globe which of course concerns many, including Iran, the United Nations and other countries.”

MKO took part with Saddam Hussein Presidential Guard and other Iraqi security forces in crushing the Iraqi people’s uprising. The MKO harmed the Iraqi people when the Iraqi army refused to carry out the killings that Saddam Hussein required. Families of the victims in Iraq cannot forget this.

The PMOI is considered a terrorist organization by several nations, including the United States.

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