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Hassan has been captured in Ashraf for more than 2 decades

Shaaban pour family worry about the fate of their beloved Hassan.
Hassan has been captured in Camp Ashraf of Rajavis’ Cult for more than twenty years according to Asgar Shaabani pour, Hassan’s brother who is an active member of Nejat Society Mazandaran Branch.

Asgar has tried a lot to release his brother from the bars of Camp Ashraf. Last year, together with a number of families of Nejat he went to Camp Ashraf gate but they were affronted by MKO officials including Ozra Alavi [Ms. Ozra Alavi Taleqani the Deputy Commander in Chief of the National Liberation Army] so they couldn’t visit their beloved ones.

In a meeting held in Mazandaran office of Nejat Society Mr. Shaaban pour noted that these days his old father is suffering the lack of his son so much as his only desire is to visit his son.

“My father went to Iraq to visit Hassan in 2002 and MKO authorities told him untruly that his son didn’t want to see him” Asgar said. After that trip his father became so disappointed.”My father had waited for 24 hours in front of Ashraf gate” Asgar added “nobody answered him, so he came back with tearing eyes.”

Concerned about the actual situation of his brother in Ashraf, Asgar noted that his brother was taken as a war prisoner in 1987 but since then, despite sending letters and referring to ICRC, Iraqi government and other international bodies, they have not been able to contact him.

A show of MKO’s TV channel was shown during the meeting, in which Hassan said:”when I was talking with my family on the phone, the agents of Islamic Republic cut our contact.” Regarding the show, Asgar said that as he remembers they have never had a phone contact with his brother and such words were definitely dictated by the cult’s leader.

Surprised by the show he wondered to believe which claim:”Hassan didn’t want to see his father at Camp Ashraf gate” or”Hassan called the family and IRI interrupted the contact”

At the end, Mr. Shaaban pour stated that his family has written various letters to international organizations asking for clarification of the case of their brother and his release to live in free society. 

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