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Mojahedin neither migrants nor refugees

Underlining that members of MKO terrorist cult in Iraq are never counted as migrants or refugees, Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq said: Even in the era of Saddam in power that MKO served the Iraqi dictator as mercenaries against Iran, they were denied form asylum.

Speaking to IRINN database Hassan Kazemi Qomi referred to the proven evil terrorist nature of MKO group and said: the MKO criminal leaders who are wanted by Interpol and courts of justice should be tried.

He added: MKO terrorists have so far committed numerous anti-human crimes inside and outside Iraq; so the Iraqi government and parliament as well as people of Iraq demand unanimously MKO expulsion from their country.

In response to a question about whether or not MKO has requested the Iraqi government for political asylum, the envoy also said: The Iraqi government will no way grant MKO terrorists political asylum.

Kazemi Qomi asserted: According to the Iraqi constitution, members of terrorist MKO cult can either go to a third country or voluntarily return to Iran under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross; but they won’t be allowed by the Iraqi government to stay in Iraq.

Iranian ambassador to Iraq draw attention to the fact that MKO members in Iraq are never accepted as immigrants or refugees and stated: Even Saddam which used MKO against the Iranian nation refrained from granting them refugee status in Iraq.

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