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Ashraf, a camp for refugees or captives

Reportedly, in the conference "In Search of Justice, European Committee for De-listing the PMOI" held in Brussels and attended by dozens of parliamentarians form the European Parliament and delegations from national parliaments of Member States, Mr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, president of the conference, announced the formation of a European Committee to challenge the Council of the European Union decision to maintain the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran on the EU terrorist list.

as stated by Mr. Struan Stevenson, the Vice-President of the EPP/ED, in the conference”if what the PMOI is doing constitutes terrorism then the EU Presidency should also include parliamentarians on the list because we support PMOI’s conduct”. The conference also discussed the recent developments regarding the situation of MKO members residing in Ashraf in Iraq and emphasized that those in Camp Ashraf are political refugees and protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and as such they are protected by the principle of non-refoulement, International Humanitarian law, International Law and enjoy juridical security.

Just on the day before the conference was held, a delegation from Nejat Society, formed by MKO ex-members in an attempt to unbind the comrades still held captivated in the terrorist cult, travelled to Geneva to participate the meeting of United Nations Human Rights Council and to visit the delegations from other international human rights organizations to stop political abuse of those in Camp Ashraf and guarantee their individual rights.

Nejat Society asks the whole international human rights community to demand justice for the remaining members who really deserve the right to visit their family, choose clothes other than military uniforms, the right to have access to public information resources like newspapers, radio or TV and the right to select their living-place.

It would be a good thing if the EU advocates of terrorist and cultist MKO made a thorough study of group’s atrocities or contacted the ex-members before making a fuss to be included on the list next to terrorists. If they believe that those in Ashraf have to be treated according to the International Law, the least they can do is to provide for the international humanitarian organizations to freely visit Camp Ashraf and the residents individually. Then it will be much easier to stay with the terrorists or avoid them.

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