Sha’aban Izakian Family Worry about the fate of their son residing in Ashraf

Nejat Society Mazandaran Branch visit Sha’aban Izakian Family

Nejat Society, Mazandaran Office reported that its members visited family members of Sha’aban Izakian. They succeeded to see his old mother, together with a number of recently defected members.

During the visit, the brother asked about the situation of Ashraf residents. One of the defectors explained the current situation ruling the cult in Camp Ashraf while the old mother was listening to him carefully. Then she began talking of her memoirs of his son “Musa”.
After, she listened to what others said about the actual condition of Camp Ashraf and the recent incidents; she got so upset and worried about the fate of her son who hasn’t contacted them for years.
The mother was moved by visiting the ex-members of MKO who succeeded to return home.
She was so motivated to see Musa again that she cursed Rajavi as the person who caused the separation of her son from her speaking of other disasters Rajavi caused on their neighbors and friends, she said:
“Rajavi ruined a lot of families in this quarter. Kamran Khala’tbari and Iraj Taleshi are two of our neighbors who are now captured in Camp Ashraf. Hamide Kouzehgar was also in Ashraf but she died there due to cancer and was buried there too. The house behind ours is her Father’s.”
Mustafa shaa’ban Izakian, Musa’s brother showed his deep concern on the fate of his brother, asking Nejat Society to help them visit their brother and release him from the organization which has always used its members as tools of Rajavi’s ambition.
At the end, Mrs. Izakian condemned the acts of MKO during the eight years of Iran-Iraq war and asked for serious moves to release his son from Iraq.

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