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Mr. Jannat Sadeqi: The only responsible for grieves we bear is Rajavi

Nejat Society Mazandaran Office visited Jannat Sadeqi family

For years, Rajavi has kept a number of his members wondering in Iraq, with his vain promise of the overthrow of Islamic Republic. He has always tried to deceive the poor imprisoned members in order to maintain them far from the social events happening outside camp Ashraf. He could never gain results of the strategies he led for more than three decades. Nowadays he is stuck among his policies so he has kept a large number of his forces, in Iraqi territory, as hostages in order that he might find a way to release himself from this deadly cul-de-sac.

Today, his failed armed struggle has led him to a point that he concluded in writing letters to the highest authorities of IRI that he has long called as the leaders of crime and ignorance.

It is clear that Rajavi has always been on the wrong way but the families of Camp Ashraf residents are concerned about the lives of their beloved ones who are still behind the bars of hellish organization of Rajavi. Large group of families seek the accomplishment of Iraqi government’s ultimatum based on the expulsion of cult members from Iraq and the removal of Camp Ashraf. Immediately after the recent clashes at Camp Ashraf, they contacted Nejat Society and asked for further activities to visit their children and to pave the way for their return to Iran.

Mr. Behrouz Jannat Sadeqi is the brother of three residents of Camp Ashraf

At Nejat Society Mazandaran Office, we found an opportunity to visit Mr. Jannat Sadeqi at his work place. Mr. Behrouz Jannat Sadeqi is the brother of three residents of Camp Ashraf. His three brothers have been captured by Rajavi’s Cult for years. He was the only one to take care of his old parents. “The only responsible for grieves we bear is Rajavi” he said, “Who took my brothers to Iraqi deserts by deceiving them”. He continued:”I don’t know why Rajavi urges on staying in Iraq despite his political failure. What does he want of staying in Iraq? Why did he flee from Iraq if it was a good place for the organization?”

The visit took place with the presence of some defectors of MKO and former comrades of Mr. Sadeqi’s brothers. Mr. Sadeqi was so excited by visiting them; he tried to ask about the condition of his brothers in Camp Ashraf. He listened to explanations made by Nejat members on the recent situation of the cult.

The visited lasted an hour and at the end we asked him to let us visit his parents but he got worried saying that he wished he could get us visit them but the visit might make them sick since it might recall them their beloved sons. They cannot bear such a visit. They are just waiting their three children.

We are looking forward for the day that those beloved friends could get rid of Rajavi’s cult and join their families.

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