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Nuri al-Maliki: Iraq no conduit for Mojahedin Khalq Terrorists

MKO (Rajavi cult) presence temporary

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki stressed that the first and last goal of the terrorism aimed at Iraq and the Iraqis is to disrupt the political process underway in the country… Al-Maliki reiterated that MKO (Rajavi cult) presence temporarythe U.S. withdrawal from the country has nothing to do with security, and developments in the field will not affect the withdrawal already scheduled by the U.S. and Iraqi governments.

Maliki has hinted that the country is still the scene of foreign military and political interventions, noting in this context that the evidence provided by Iraq to the United Nations about Syria’s involvement in the bombings is compelling…

Maliki stressed that Iraq is not a conduit for any terrorist organization and that the presence of the MKO in Iraq is temporary. According to the history of this organization and its acts of terrorism, of course, they have no place in Iraq. Maliki stressed that the elections will certainly go ahead whatever the terrorists do…

Report: Mira Ashkar – Alsumaria TV

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