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Predictable cultic-terrorist reaction of MKO

The most demonstrative and horrifying about a dangerous terrorist cult is the unexpected. As it never feels any responsibility, respects no regulation and adheres to no ethics concerning its insiders and outsiders it can be an instant blast of catastrophe. The July arrest of 36 MKO members by the Iraqi police that faced it with violent and threatening reactions of the organization has been the latest psychological-media project of Mojahedin in latest few months. The consequent general showy hunger strike of sympathizers and members as well as some advocators in the European cities and camp Ashraf are an indication of uncivil and aggressive actions of MKO to engage in to counteract the constraints imposed on the organization.

The world never forgets the horrible cultic self-immolations in June 003 following the arrest of Maryam Azdanlu by the French police . The main question put to the organization is that how long is the organization to solve its legal and political problems by is means of cultic and uncivil solutions and procedures.

Referring to the Iraqi President’s latest remarks concerning the relocation of the organization to a camp near Baghdad, the organization made no hesitation to state that “Maliki’s repeated fallacious claims against the residents of Asharaf are merely a justification for further criminal actions against them”. Was really the release of those arrested culprits who had violated the rules of their host country a criminal act? Or requiring them peacefully and under the auspices of the world’s protective organizations and media presence a justification for further criminal actions against the group?

Based on any country’s laws and regulations, it has the right to counteract any threats to ensure the security of its nationals especially when a country like Iraq is facing a rife internal chaos. The same incidents and violations may happen in any country and the rules of that particular country are the criteria for convicting wrongdoers. However, Mojahedin insist to turn the same case into a major crisis since they are not hew to any civil law and regulation but their own cultic and reactionary doctrine. According to the history of the organization, Mojahedin have never submitted to any law in such occasions and rather they have broken national and international rules using uncivil and aggressive procedures. Furthermore, it always attempts to accuses its opponents and put the blame on them.

In this regard they resort to some levers and instruments as was seen in the process of arrest and freedom of 36 MKO members. In the events of June 2003 and arrest of Maryam Azdanlu, the victims of self-immolations were the levers of organization. Likewise, in recent events the hunger strikers in camp Ashraf and European countries have formed the main lever of the organization in facing the challenges. It seems that it is not significant how many members are to be victimized this time since it is willed by the organization leadership, this process may lead to the death of some members. What is of importance is that Iraqi officials are recommended not to submit to illegal demands of Mojahedin as did Americans and other human rights organizations and are to find a political solution inside Iraqi soil that is undoubtedly time-consuming.

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