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Human Rights in MKO’s Ideology – Part 1

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Maryam Rajavi published a message that included a lot of slogans on what she wants to do in the future Iran but her claims are exactly the opposite of what she really believes in and how she really acts.
Although she uses such slogans in Europe as her ideals, Camp Ashraf represents a pattern of The cult-like fascism ruling Ashraf has long been denounced by defected members of the organization to the world including international human right bodiesthe society Rajavi wants to establish in Iran. The study of Rajavi’s treatments towards her members reveals that her slogans are her deceitful, political tools to deceive public opinion in the West.

In the first part of her message she introduces herself as a savior who has practiced human rights in Camp Ashraf and now is ready to ascertain human rights in Iran. She asks for freedom and equality for men and women while she manages the worst and the most inhumane relationship in her organization.

The cult-like fascism ruling Ashraf has long been denounced by defected members of the organization to the world including international human right bodies like Red Cross and Human Rights Watch that published a report on human right abuses committed in Camp Ashraf, in 2005. This 36-page report titled “No Exit” reveals the abuses in MKO Camps based on testimonies of former members.

The page 14 of the report reads:”Human Rights Abuses carried out by MKO leaders against dissident members ranged from prolonged incommunicado and solitary confinement to beatings, verbal and psychological abuse, coerced confessions, threat of execution and torture that in two cases led to death.”

How one can believe Maryam Rajavi’s claims while the most basic human rights of Ashraf residents are violated by the cult leaders. Unfortunately while we are in the 21st century Rajavi has deprived a large number of men and women from their basic rights to live a normal life.

In a paragraph of her message Maryam Rajavi says:” the experience of fundamentalists’ rule in Iran shows they have used systematic violence and suppression against women to suppress the society as a whole. General crack down rests on misogyny and this is the source of regime’s survival.”

However, the organizational relationship in MKO is full of such injustice and inequalities.

When her so-called ideological revolution defeated during the last decades, she had to multiply injustice trying to dominate the excessive hegemony of women over the cult. Thus, the moral and social relations went on declining in Ashraf.

The women who (due to any reason) soon submitted to divorce from their husbands were considered as the criterion of the revolution (revolution of divorce!) so they were assigned as the high ranking responsibles of the ideology. Actually they are given a false personality which is far from social, political and even organizational positions. They are used as a controllable lever to suppress the dissidents and to achieve the dirty goals of cult leaders.

Maryam Rajavi declares a greater contradiction when she speaks of sexual apartheid, claiming that “hostility against women and destruction of their lives, identity and freedom … are components of a sexual apartheid system ruling Iran”.

The system of sexual apartheid has its exactly obvious example in Mujahedin Khalq Organization. Particularly since 1988, revolution of divorce, MKO leaders ruled the organization with the most sexist ideas.

Maryam tries to show off as a defender of women’s rights, while the Middle-Aged relationships ruling her cult, are destroying any equality and justice. There is numerous a crucial question to ask Mrs. Maryam Rajavi:

Isn’t it the destruction of their lives to force women to divorce and to separate them from their children?

According to various documents and testimonies of former members there are a lot of young girls who are depressed because they are deprived of visiting their parents. The depression led a girl named Alan Mohammadi to shoot herself. This is the significant example of destruction of woman’s life and freedom in MKO.

The heavy organizational pressure and peer pressure on members, especially female members of the cult of Rajavi have led many other people to death so far. They committed suicide because they couldn’t bear the cult atmosphere any more.

There have been also some others who set themselves on fire after Maryam was arrested by French Police since they were ordered to sacrifice themselves.

These are just some small examples of huge injustice in the cult of Rajavi.

To be continued

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