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Human Rights in MKO’s Ideology – Part 3

In her message, Maryam Rajavi heightens hypocrisy to pretend her faith in Islam using the verses of holy Quran to justify their inhumane activities giving them an Islamic cover.
Maryam Rajavi speaks of Islamic kindness so enthusiastically that one may think she has never heard of violence and terror
The peak of such interpretation of Quran was the so-called ideological revolution when Massoud Rajavi was called as ideological leader.

The misuse of Islam, Imam Zaman [last Imam in Shiite Islam who is expected to return to salvage the world as well as Jesus] calling Rajavi as the ideological leader paves the way for Rajavi to view himself as the owner of people’s lives, wealth and spouses and to declare officially that all women in the organization are his own wives and other men are not allowed to even look at those women.

Despite above mentioned argument, Maryam Rajavi hypocritically resorts to Quran and speaks of Islam’s blessing and kindness. For those who have lived in Ashraf and witnessed the cult-like relations ruling the Camp, it is obvious to see a huge contradiction between Maryam’s words and activities. The terrorist, violent nature of the organization has never included kindness and blessing.

Maryam Rajavi speaks of Islamic kindness so enthusiastically that one may think she has never heard of violence and terror. You may not believe that she is able to order her members to commit terrorist activities. The following topics include some instances of Rajavi’s kindness and affection!

– Assassination of Iranian citizens before the eyes of their families.
– Torture against dissident members of the cult who labeled as the spies of IRI under the direct order of Massoud Rajavi.
– Opening fire on Captured Iranian soldiers who were detained after Eternal Light Operation.
– Firing Katyusha rockets on Kurdish towns of Iraq in Iraqi Intifada, in 1991,under the order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi.
– Taking Iraqi Kurds under MKO tanks in order to save their bullets for Iranian soldiers.
– Launching grenade attacks on residential areas in Iran killing innocent citizens in 2000 and 2001.

The self – assigned president elect of NCR has been waiting for the overthrow of Iranian regime and then her own presidency in Iran. She claims that she will recognize individuals’ freedom for women in future Iran and will respect women’s rights as well as human rights.”

It is fun to see the big difference between Maryam Rajavi’s claims and her divorce revolution where a large number of members were forced to divorce their spouses because Rajavi believes that family is the center of corruption and marriage is forbidden. There have been long years that no one has got married in MKO and all women are widows or divorces but engaged with Massoud Rajavi. This clear contradiction doesn’t prevent Mrs. Rajavi from claiming that she believes in equal right of divorce for women.

While she claims that any type of force or impose on women for their family life, is forbidden, Maryam Rajavi imposes the most serious forced separations on MKO families especially on those women who were in love with their husbands and had lived with them for a lot of years. So far a lot of women have gone depressed or psychological diseases due to the high pressure the organization imposed on them including Hamideh Kouzegar’s case which ended with her death.

The women in the cult of Rajavi are evenforced to bear hysterectomy operations, according to Batoul Soltani, former member of MKO’s leadership Council. She said that Nafiseh Badamchi (a doctor in MKO) was responsible to carry out the operation.

In the last part of her message, Maryam Rajavi forbids polygamy and promises to execute this law after her illusional rule on Iran!!! Apparently she forgets to confess that Massoud Rajavi now has more than 600 wives! (All women in leadership Council).

As Batoul Soltani describes in her memoirs “ they told us that we were all Massoud’s wives and he was our husband … there was a meeting held in Leadership Council where a marriage certificate was introduced for each member of the council and so all women became Massoud’s ideological wives.”

The above mentioned instances reveal just a small part of Rajavi’s deceitful personality who tends to deceive western politicians under the cover of pro-democracy slogans.

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