Human Rights in MKO’s Ideology – Part 2

It seems that Maryam Rajavi forgets to point out those women in her organization ,who didn’t want to divorce from their husbands, were violently treated by their female officials who were also turned into violent people with the worst behaviors towards minors under their responsibility. The violence of female high ranking officials of MKO is of the most systematic type. For those who are not acquainted with Rajavi’s cult-like practices, Maryam‘s cheerful, colorful clothing may seem fascinating but for the ones who have touched and tolerated MKO relationships,

In her so-called message (on the occasion of the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women), Maryam Rajavi says:”Systematic Violence against Women includes an infinite chain of prohibition: freedom of clothing is prohibited, divorce is forbidden, socializing without the husband’s permission is forbidden and …”

For those who are not acquainted with Rajavi’s cult-like practices, Maryam‘s cheerful, colorful clothing may seem fascinating but for the ones who have touched and tolerated MKO relationships, the organization’s practices are the most violent and the most unjust in the whole world. The following includes some examples of their cruelty:

Firstly, there are some questions to ask MKO leaders.

  • Do you know any woman in Ashraf, who is allowed to remove her scarf?
  • Do you know any woman in Ashraf who is free to wear clothes other than military uniform assigned by the organization to wear?
  • Do you know any woman in Ashraf to believe in any religion or ideology except the ones that Rajavis dictate?
  • Do you know any individual in the entire cult of Rajavi who is allowed to do any job except the one that the leaders assign?
  • Do you know anybody (either male or female) who is allowed to complain about the plan or job he or she is assigned to carry out in the daily routine?
  • Is any female member of MKO allowed not to attend a meeting?

And there are a lot of more questions to ask MKO leader on human rights abuses they commit in Ashraf. How can Maryam Azdanlou claim to be a defender of human rights while no woman in Camp Ashraf is allowed to wear clothes other than military uniform, no woman can walk out of her unit except with the permission of her senior official, and otherwise she will be punished.

Following their so-called ideological revolution when they forced the couples to divorce they went further and in 1991 they separated the divorced mothers from their children even newly –born babies who were sent to Europe. How can Maryam Rajavi argue about fostering laws of Islamic Republic?

Today hundreds of women are isolated and captured in the cult of Rajavi, deprived of any social, political and educational life and in the meantime ,a lot of women reached high degrees in political, social and educational scene of Iran.

And now Mrs. Rajavi, who has stopped her female members growing for more than three decades, claims that Iranian women are kept retarded! The claim comes in a condition where a large number of women of her cult are physically controlled by complicated cult-like systems, according to the testimonies made by former members, any complaint or disobedience is reacted with the worst punishments even physical types.

Nonstop work schedule the Rajavis plan for the members is another way to keep them exhausted in order to control them easier as well as constant brainwashing meetings.

In a paragraph of her message, Maryam Rajavi mentions the situation of women in Camp Ashraf although she and her fugitive husband have left them in a dangerous limbo in Iraq.

Despite the negotiations and the deadline Iraqi government has assigned for MKO to expel them from its territory ,Maryam Rajavi has repeatedly sent messages to whether directly or indirectly encourage the members to resist the decision of Iraqi government.

As former colleagues and friends of Ashraf residents, we are concerned about the condition ruling Camp Ashraf and the fate of its residents. We believe that Rajavi’s efforts to ask Western governments guarantee MKO’s presence in Ashraf, will make their condition more complicated and more dangerous!

We believe that the Rajavis’ attempts to remain in Ashraf is not to maintain the lives of Ashraf residents but to maintain their own cult-like leadership over cult members.


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