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Open letter to Nicholas Sarkozy

Put an end to the measures of this felon and inhumane cult in your country

MR. Nicholas Sarkozy The Honorable President Of France

With our best greetings and congratulation to your Excellency and the honorable French people for the new year .

As you are well informed that the Rajavi’s terrorist – cultic organization (PMOI) which has established its headquarter in Auvers-sur-Oise since many years ago and during their presence in there , they have carried out and implemented numerous terrorist measures inside Iran and Iraq as well as in your country , France , which is the cradle of Democracy and Freedom, have perpetrated vicious and brutal measures in 2003 and 2009 which self burnings of their followers in Paris in 2003 and assault of the cult’s thugs and insurgents to the legal and peaceful gathering a number of critics and protesters of their suppressive policies in City of Cergy in late 2009 which incurred injuries of a number of participants and human rights activists such as MR. Mohammad Karami (the human rights activist with more than two and half decades of political activity) who was assaulted and got severely injured in his facial area by a number of PMOI’s thugs in this gathering.

The Rajavi’s cult ,which its terrorist and suppressive essence is not covert for anyone , and suppression, power mongering , terrorism and demagoguery are its overt features, is ready to do any kind of vicious and brutal measure to preserve its cultic interests and due to brainwashing and religious indoctrinations techniques , they are capable of implementing any kind of inhumane measures, as in 2003 , a number of the victims of this cult set themselves on fire by direct order of the leaders of this cult vis a vis astonished and astounded eyes of Parisian people and they lost their lives for their protest against the incarceration and detention of Marym Rajavi by French police.

The leaders of this notorious and horrifying cult also has ordered the incursion and assault to the critics and protesters of the cult’s fascist and criminal policies in their peaceful and enlightening gatherings which is directly controlled and supervised by the cult’s leaders in Auvers-sur-Oise.

Mr. President , we urge you to put an end to the measures of this felon and inhumane cult in your country, and we the victims of this cult are willing to participate in any court of law and international conventions to share our views of the cult’s crimes and fascist and inhumane deeds .


Ancient Iran association, Paris

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