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Freedom according to Rajavi

Freedom is a term with a large definition but the most common definition is:

” the state of not being a prisoner or a slave.”

Freedom according to RajaviFreedom can also be used in the expressions like “freedom of speech”,’ freedom of thought” … which clarify the power of right to act, speak or think as one wants without being stopped.

According to her recent interview with AFP ( Agence France Press),Maryam Rajavi has called for “ solidarity among all those who reject the rule of the supreme leader – the velayat-e-faqih ( clerical rule ) and who want to see freedom installed in Iran.”

Since her message reads, Maryam Rajavi claims that her final objective is installing freedom in Iran! The best criterion to judge the interests of a political leader is studying the background and past activities and achievements of that particular party or group.

Considering the 3 decade history of Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization and the testimonies of hundreds of former member of the organization denounce the true nature of Maryam Rajavi’s destructive cult in which modern slavery is practiced and members are imprisoned in Camp Ashraf, Iraq or Camp Maryam, France. These facts about Maryam Rajavi and her terror cult clarify the contradiction between her claim for freedom and the real conditions ruling her cult.

The members of MKO are psychologically manipulated under the constant cult-like indoctrination techniques. They are physically captured in the camps of the group in Iraq and France. They are not allowed to leave the camps. They are totally controlled by their superior officials. The dissidents to the group’s policies are tortured psychologically or physically, according to defectors of the cult.

How can Mrs. Rajavi speak of installing freedom in Iran when she is not able to establish the least human right and freedom in her own organization as a sample society of Iranian nation?

What kind of freedom does she talk about while there isn’t any type of freedom (including freedom of speech, thought, and decision) in MKO cult? The members are not even free to live with, contact or call their families. They are not free to choose their own work schedule. Any aspect of their life is controlled by the cult. Is this the freedom Maryam Rajavi is thinking of bringing to Iran?

By Mazda Parsi

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