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Type of government MKO imagines of

Last Tuesday, the US court of appeals for the DC Circuit heard the case of Mujahedin Khalq as a foreign terrorist organization designated by the Department of State since 1997.
 Mujahedin cannot remove the facts from history and the memoirs of millions of Iranians who witnessed the treasons MKO committed against their own country
The court was held with a three-judge appellate panel. MKO’s lawyer was Andrew Frey, of the firm Mayer Brown, who tried to plea their case by the reasoning that “there has been no terrorist act by PMOI for eight years.” He claimed that the group is “totally committed” to a democratic and secular Iran. “My client rejects the Sharia” (Islamic Law) he added. He also renounce MKO’s Marxist attitude in the past.

Today in the current situation of Iranian political scene the leaders of MKO use all their efforts to present their group as the best alternative to Iranian government. Their lobbying champagne and propaganda machine are working too hard to renounce their dark past.

Democracy is the term they use in their speeches, messages, propaganda shows and court appeals.

But they cannot remove the facts from history and the memoirs of millions of Iranians who witnessed the treasons MKO committed against their own country during the eight years of Iran-Iraq war. What’s MKO’s assessment about Iranian people? How can MKO replace democratic slogans for its actions as Saddam’s notorious accomplice?

When Massoud Rajavi fled Iran to France in 1981, he assigned the establishment of a democratic Islamic republic in Iran, as the objective of his group. The controversial case of a “secular Iran” shows that MKO leaders have never has a definite objective but they believe in the separation of religion and politics and a secular government, how can they force every women in Camp Ashraf to wear scarves and keep their distance from opposite sex!

They renounce their past Marxist ideology. Today they deny having their roots in communist parties since 1960’s. But their attitudes demonstrate their true belief system. Once you become a member of Mujahedin Khalq Organization, all your personal properties including money, ID card will be confiscated by the authorities. The sample society of Ashraf shows the economic system MKO believes in.

Their probable economic relationship is based on state ownership just like socialist countries and Baathists in Saddam Hussein’s era.

An imaginary picture of the society MKO may found is so controversial, bizarre and complicated that one (who has the least knowledge about their true nature) will only laugh. MKO rejects Islamic Law including Death Penalty, but the testimonies of MKO defectors clarify that torture either mental or physical, exists to the most extreme extent in MKO Camps.

Their cult-like practices such as cleansing sessions, self-criticism sessions,… nonstop manipulative meetings are instances of the type of human rights they want to establish in Iran!

By Mazda Parsi

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