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Rajavi admits returning to a Zero point

There is a significant implied point in the recent message of Masoud Rajavi despite all his quibbles and paradoxical statements. There, he has acknowledged the fact that after three decades of blind activities, victimization, wasting time, indetermination, and misusing all levers and means for achieving political power, he has to return to a zero point initiating his struggle anew. In other words, the organization has to accept the assumption that nothing has happened so far and the past and all its events are to be cleaned and replaced with a new phase. It is a bitter truth to be admitted by Rajavi and his organization, yet he is well aware that he has no other choice but submitting to the existing conditions. Therefore, he has to ignore the past and play a new game like those children who cannot bear failure and feel ashamed to pursue it yet their childish perversity refrains them to quit so they insist on playing again.

The motivation of this true confession is that the child is to prevent the psychological effects of the humiliating failure, refreshing his mental and psychological potentials to set up another game. Some children even cannot bear continuing a lost game but stubbornly disturb it and declare the end of the game they have lost to provide the grounds for another one. Suppose that the egotist failed child steps in a new game with the same potentials and mental and physical abilities. The more games restarted, the more failures will results. The psychological state of the failures make them refrain to submit to any defeat and reflect upon its causes and effects. Perhaps, they cannot do so due to their childish self-will.
However, the psychological analysis of Rajavi at the time being reveals that he is similar to the child who fails repeatedly yet his perverse insistence and stubbornness give solace neither to him nor to his followers and advocates. He never learns lessons of his past nor does he investigate the basis of his failures in himself; he prefers to restart a new game occasionally based on his outdated cliché ideology.

There is another point in his message that is a novel delusion. Though he is consent to return to a zero point, he concentrates on an optimistic childish view based on his old delusion of overthrowing the Iranian regime. He is to initiate a long play. He has come to the point that allying with Saddam and then with the West due to their opposition to Iran has been fruitless since he suffers from the lack of public support in Iran, a fact referred to by the West repeatedly. Now, Rajavi knows that he has no option but supporting Reza Pahlavi, the descendant of Pahlavi’s regime in Iran, offering him the presidency of Iran in the future to win the consent of the West too. What is surprising, he has also become unconcerned of a past sensitivity for the hegemony of Mojahedin over the Iranian opposition.

During the last three decades, Rajavi never consented to be in such a full retreat. It has its roots in his pathological delusion and simplistic political views. He is not aware of the fact that all his challenges are not due to his wrong and cursory decision makings yet his ignorance of the internal conditions of Iran and the public view that is the main challenge met by MKO. Any amount of flexibility and submission on the part of Rajavi toward the west may solve a trifle portion of his problems. His basic challenge is the lack of public support in Iran so he is doing his best to attract the attention of the Iranians. Anyway, this is a childish game based on the delusion of winning the legitimacy of outsiders as well as insiders. This new approach is in fact the maintenance of his past policy in the recent decades; it differs in the point that he has to return to a zero point and at the same time resort to new illusions and fantasies.

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