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Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan, why is it unreliable?

Reviewing the record and performance of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO)/ MEK/ Cult of Rajavi/ PMOI) through history, we will find that their alleged intellectual slogans only have an pleasant cover and in fact it’s “a wolf in sheep’s skin”.
Every year, the congratulation message of Maryam Rajavi, head of the Cult of Rajavi to Christians on the occasion of Christian New Year, marks a question in the mind of informed audience that the appearance of this good-looking message does not fit the cult-like violent nature of the group that have no tolerance regarding different religions, believes and political views.

Indeed, recognition of the MEK’s practices towards religious minorities, especially Christians, inside their cult-like system can remove the intellectual mask of the group so that everyone can understand its undemocratic nature.
Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for the future of Iran is an absolute parody to what she has practically done in her long-life presidentship in exile. But what are particularly considered as very contradictory in the plan are paragraphs 2 and 4 which explicitly refer to respect for individual freedoms and the prohibition of discrimination against religious followers:

“Section 2. In the future of Iran we respect all individual freedoms. And we emphasize the freedom of speech and the complete freedom of the media and the unobtrusive access to cyberspace.”
“Section 4: Resistance of Iran will defend the separation of religion and state, any discrimination against the followers of all religions will be prohibited”
But history says something else:

MEK Cult current operation - one of the groups self criticism sessions

Massoud Rajavi at the beginning of the “pool sessions” (a title for a series of brainwashing and self-criticism sessions held regularly in the MEK), in 1995, said:
I want to dissolve the Liberation Army because we cannot overthrow [the Islamic Republic], someone can overthrow the regime that has the support of superpowers, fleet of war and airplanes. I do not have and I cannot have. Because I cannot warm my back to a superpower, we are a revolutionary and liberating force. So, from this moment on, the Liberation Army will be dissolved, you will have to sleep in the street tomorrow.”

Typically, a number of the loyal members of the MKO, begged Rajavi that “brother, do not dismiss the army, whatever you say we do“, and after that, Massoud Rajavi said:
If you want to be the founding member of the second Liberation Army, you must accept the law book that I am advising you.”

The so-called Book of Law had 76 paragraphs. By the year 2001, the paragraphs were increased. In fact, this book complemented the cult-like drift of the MEK. But among the sectarian rules, there are a few important issues that are relevant to the topic of the article:

In the relations of the MEK, we cannot have non-Muslims and especially non-Shiite members. Pray and fasting is obligatory. In the relations of the MEK, we cannot have a woman without cover (hijab).”
All Christians and Sunnis are forced to be Shiite, including those who were born Christian. Philip was a Christian who joined the Liberation Army and worked there for many years as a repairman of tanks. Despite his long-time membership in the group, he was not considered an official member of the organization because of he was not Muslim. For him, the increase of level in the organizational hierarchy was conditioned on the abandonment of Christianity.

Edward Termado

Edward Termado

After he was coerced by Rajavi’s cult of personality, he converted to Islam and became an official member. While before his arrival, his requests for membership in the organization were rejected promptly because of his Christianity.
Edward Termado was another Christian member of the MEK who had been recruited or was actually deceived by the recruiters. He was forced to say prayers and fast in Ramadan. He left the MEK after 12 years of suffering.
All of the evidences suggest that the MEK leaders’ approach towards religious minorities indicate how unreliable and dishonest is the congratulation message of Maryam Rajavi to Christians on the New Year holiday. Moreover it demonstrates the unreliability of her ten-point plan for future Iran.

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