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Letter to The Director of HRW for the Middle East

The Honorable Director of Human Rights Watch for the Middle East

Mr joe Stork

Respectfully, I have been captivated more than twenty years in Ashraf Fort in Iraq and i have rescued myself from the cultic Mojahedin’s clutch since two years ago and i succeeded to reach to the free world at last.

Your Excellency , I as a person who has been the victim of this cult and being captivated in this cult for many years , had been deprived of having any direct contact or getting in touch with my family by mail and phone during my captivity in there. I have been deprived of my primary rights to listen to the news on radio.

All the members of this organization (PMOI) were forced and imposed to divorce their wife or husband and as a result of that 800 hundred member’s children had been separated from their parents and they have not seen each other for a long time. Can you believe that my friends and i who are almost fifty years old , have been deprived of getting married and having our own family ?This organization by brain washing methods declared to its members that getting married and marriage was an unlawful act but the leaders of this cult were excluded from this law.

I have heard that a number of the victim’s family have gathered behind the closed gates of this fort but they have not been allowed to meet their loved ones yet because the leadership of this cult has declared that any visitation and meeting with relatives and families are unlawful and illegitimate and also the leaders of this cult , Massoud and Maryam Rajavi , have prepared a formal list which includes names of some members of this cult whom has forcibly declared that they do not want to see their relatives and families by no means. Obviously no common sense believe such a thing and by these kind of methods we find out more about their profound Stalinist thoughts.

I urge you to provide an opportunity for those families awaiting behind closed gates to meet their loved ones whom they have not seen them for 20 years in some cases. The leadership of this cult (PMOI) have deprived those victims of having any communication with their loved ones by labeling those desperate families as Iranian intelligence service agent whereas this leadership lyingly pretend that they are supporting human rights and Iranian people’s rights, but we should ask the leaders of this cult that are not those families part of Iranian people? at the end , i appreciate all your efforts towards helping those desperate families to see their relatives and i am entreating you again to provide an opportunity for those families to meet their loved ones , who are living in a very bad and harsh situation inside Ashraf camp.

Ali Jahani

– United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq
– Embassies of Iraq in Germany , France and swiss
-Human rights watch
– Relevant MEPs
– Office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki
– US State Department

Ali Jahani

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