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If they were American mothers . . . !

Imagine if the suffering mothers and families of the mentally seized members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO – Rajavi cult) were American, British or Israeli, what would be their present circumstances? We are talking about those families who have no trace of their loved ones for more than two decades and just have heard from the former members that they are still in Ashraf garrison (base of Rajavi cult) in Iraq and hundreds of them have been sitting in front of Ashraf main gate in tough conditions for about six months with the hope that they can eventually see their relatives.

suffering mothers and families of the mentally seized members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization

To guess the answer to the above question is not hard. In such a case the Voice of America and BBC and all western media as well as international and humanitarian organizations would raise their voice for those families and would let the world know about their hardship and would release thousands of photos and news pieces with exact details. They would cry for them and make songs and arrange interviews.

But unfortunately the political circumstances is in a such way that influences are made in the western policy by war mongering cliques who think that the Rajavi cult might one day be useful for them and they might be able to use the useless elements of the cult trained and used once by Saddam Hussein. They of course know that they must not take these free terrorists back to their own countries.

Their natural and logic demand is just like any other mother in the world. They wish to visit their loved ones

Mothers and families of course are not interested with political affairs. Their natural and logic demand is just like any other mother in the world. They wish to visit their loved ones.
This demand is recognized in the whole world even for criminals and dangerous prisoners. But the members of the Rajavi cult according to the teachings of the cult must regard their families as enemies and have no right to visit them. Massoud Rajavi the leader of the cult justifies this rule as considering the emotional affections with the families would distance the members from the so called struggle and hence they would leave the cult. Rajavi has mind-manipulated his follower for many years by killing all sorts of emotions in their hearts and has turned them into robots who can fulfill his desires. According to the doctrine of the cults that Rajavi follows too, if a person manages to kill the love for his/her family, therefore the person is capable of killing anyone including him/herself.

Rajavi is standing against the families and would not yield to their demands, since he thinks if he let his followers go outside the Ashraf garrison and visit their families they would learn about the outside world and the consequence would be that they no longer obey him and his cult would collapse. Once Rajavi’s slogan was “death to America” and he was proud of it. Then his main enemy became the Islamic Republic of Iraq and now the front line of his battle is the families.

The Iraqi government righteously urges the Ashraf camp which is unique in its kind in the whole world to be dismantled and the leaders of the cult be tried and the victims be freed to choose their own destiny. This demand of course has not been fulfilled since the forces that have power in Iraq wish to keep the Rajavi cult alive on the boarder to Iran for their own supposedly interests and they have done so until now (RAND report) and it is clear that they have no sympathy for the families. The elements of the cult can be useful for them when they are brainwashed and obey the commands of the leaders without questions and fight like gladiators and kill until they are killed. The presence of the families of course bothers them and their backers.

Only those who have a loved one in Ashraf garrison and fear from the fact that they could for any reason be a victim of the greed of the leader can fully understand the families’’ situation. But anyone can put him/herself in their place and try to understand how these suffering families might feel. The concerned families do need sympathy and moral support. They are not Americans but after all they are mothers.

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