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Closing MKO terror base in Iraq;More survivors reunite with families

Closing the Washington backed MKO terror base in Iraq
More survivors reunite with families

Iran’s new ambassador to Iraq says high on his agenda is to settle the remaining issues in mutual relations such as the Algiers Accord and common oil fields.

"Among the most significant issues on the agenda …are to … settle the remaining cases from the past such as the 1975 (Algiers) Accord , common oil fields and the like, …to upgrade the current level of ties and institutionalize them by creating the necessary understanding and signing relevant agreements between the two sides," Hassan Danaifar was quoted by the Mehr News Agency as saying on Sunday.

He said among other top-priority plans are to "remove the existing misunderstandings and get a clear and precise understanding by both sides of the current situation, especially in Iraq."

The top envoy also underlined the need to increase the number of meetings between officials of both countries.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iran’s new ambassador to Iraq stressed the need to enhance Tehran-Baghdad relations on different fronts, namely politics, economy, security, technology and tourism.
The top Iranian envoy further said the case is still open on the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).

He expressed hope more MKO members will defect to Iran and return to the bosoms of their families.

"Both sides are working on the (MKO) case, and we will be witnessing positive developments in that regard," said Danaifard.

He further underlined Iraq is taking the ‘tough test of democracy’ now.

"Five years on since the election results were announced, the premiership question in the country remains unsolved, which affects a whole lot of domestic and social issues as well," he said.

The ambassador expressed hope a cabinet will be formed in Iraq as soon as possible.

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