Ashraf residents’ families now worried much more than before

Recently a number of families from Nejat Society Mazandaran branch went to Camp Ashraf, Iraq to visit their beloved ones. Although they couldn’t manage to convince MKO cult leaders to allow them meet their relatives, the travel had several enlightening consequences.

The families understood more than ever about the ruthlessness, brutality and fraudulency of the MKO Cult leaders. They shocked as they witnessed the situation and realized the facts they didn’t know before.

Now families are worried much more than before about the condition, health and security as well as future of their relatives. They are trying to make their voice heard to the UNAMI, Iraqi Government and Humanitarian Organizations.

The Ashraf residents’ family members urge the international community to take effective measures to stop the violations of human rights by the Rajavi Cult.

In this regard a number of families gathered together and shared their experiences and views on the issue and discussed ways how to liberate their beloved ones being held captive by MKO leaders.

The Families oath not to stop their activities and not to leave the gates of Ashraf until they release all the hostages from the MKO’s garrison.

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