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Mojahedin Khalq and US join forces to stop Iraqi’s legitimate protest

Mojahedin Khalq and US join forces to stop Iraqi’s legitimate protest
Reporters, security forces and demonstrators injured

Hundreds of people of Diyala are demonstrating against the PMOI – demanding their deportation
Mojahedin Khalq and US join forces to stop Iraqi’s legitimate protestHundreds of people of Diyala province, Friday, demonstrated peacefully in front of Camp New Iraq (formerly Camp Ashraf), headquarters of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Iranian opposition [aka MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI], north of Baquba, called for the removal of the group from the country.

The Provincial Council, which participated, described the organization’s presence in Diyala as a nightmare that weighs heavily on the people of the province.

One of the demonstrators called Helaal Omran Al-Zubaidi (40 years) said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The demonstration came to give a message to the international public opinion that Iraqis reject the existence of an organization accused of terrorism within their territory", and criticized "the attitude of Spanish justice to the Organization by defending it" .

The Spanish judiciary has demanded an international inquiry into the clash last year between the Mojahedin Khalq and US join forces to stop Iraqi’s legitimate protestIraqi security services and members of the organization, which turned the incident into a violation of human rights.

For his part, another of the demonstrators, named as Hassan Fawzi al-Rubaie, 30, interviewed by Alsumaria News, considered that "the existence of the organization is like a cancer in the province and must be uprooted to achieve salvation from it," asserting that "the organization has been supporting terrorism and agents of the former regime over the past years."

For his part, Vice-Chairman of the Diyala Provincial Council, Sadiq al-Husseini, said in an interview for Alsumaria News that "the popular demonstration which was attended by hundreds of people from the province in front of Camp New Iraq (formerly Camp Ashraf earlier), 55 km north of Baquba, came to express the popular demand which calls for removal of the MKO from the country."

Mr. al-Husseini, a leader in the Islamic Supreme Council which is headed by Ammar al-Hakim, called on "the central government to listen to the demands of protesters and meet them," describing the MKO as a "nightmare that has weighed heavily on the people of the province for several decades," and urged they be sent "away to another place."

The Vice Chairman of the Board maintained that "the Organization’s presence in the Province, has become extremely difficult," calling them to gain "political asylum in another country and to move to live in it."

Husseini pointed out that "the organization is accused of violating the human rights of Iraq for the duration of its presence in Camp New Iraq as well as the acquisition of extensive land surrounding the camp."

Thousands of members of civil society organizations [NGOs] from different provinces of Iraq, demonstrated in the Christian month of December last, in front of Camp Ashraf, home to more than 3400 members of the PMOI in Diyala, demanding the Iraqi government to develop mechanisms to remove the members of the organization from Iraq.

The Iraqi forces, composed of nearly a thousand members of the army and police force, have moved into Camp Ashraf at the beginning of this year, but elements of the PMOI used batons and knives to prevent security officers from discharging their functions, which led to the outbreak of fighting and injuring about two hundred and sixty people from both sides and the arrest of twenty five members of the organization.

The Iraqi government changed the name of Camp Ashraf to Camp New Iraq after taking over the task of security responsibility from U.S. forces, and subjected those who enter the camp to strict security measures.

The Mujahedeen-e Khalq (People) was founded in 1965 to overthrow the Shah of Iran, after the Islamic revolution in 1979 it opposed the Islamic regime, and many of its members sought refuge in Iraq in the eighties during the war between Iran and Iraq from 1980 to 1988. The organization is considered as the armed wing of the National Council of Resistance in Iran, based in France, but it said it has renounced violence in June 2001.

Alsumaria News / Diyala – translated by Iran Interlink 

Other reports:

Security forces, Reporters and Demonstrators injured

According to Al Alaam news, reporting from Camp New Iraq, the Mojahedin-e Khalq attacked the demonstrators with bottles, stones and other implements in a bid to intimidate and stop the demonstrators, during which some Iraq demonstrators and security forces were injured. They were taken by ambulance to hospitals in Baquba and Baghdad. According to this report, the Al Alaam reporter, crew and vehicles also came under attack, leaving one reporter injured. 

Americans intimidate Iraqi people

According to IIRB, Ameircan helicopters were flying over the heads of the demonstrators in a clear attempt to intimidate them, and some Iraqis claim that the American forces blocked the road to the camp and stopped them from joining the demonstration, claiming that the situation could be dangerous for them.

IRIB (Persian)

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