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Mojahedin launch missiles against picketing families

Massoud Rajavi the cult leader has realized that the pressure put on the families who have been picketing in front of the Camp Ashraf for the last 12 months demanding their right to visit relative, has not worked and he has now has started a new criminal campaign against them. He has ordered his henchmen to make missiles with whatever they can find and to launch them at the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, who have been sitting in the Iraqi desert with only the hope of seeing their loved ones taken hostage by Rajavi cult inside the infamous camp.

The cult leaders have also constructed dykes along the southern and eastern boundaries of the garrison in order to hide behind them and use catapults and other equipment to target the grieving families.

This new ploy by the Rajavis started when their use of parasite equipment failed to stop the voices of the families reaching the hostages inside. The families never accepted to stop broadcasting their messages to their loved ones inside the camp.

According to the news from inside the camp there are only a few mercenaries inside the camp who carry out such orders. These are the same people who have been involved in the insurgency in Iraq during the past few years since the fall of Rajavi’s benefactor Saddam Hussein.

Sahar Family Foundation once again asks international human rights organisations to send fact-finding groups to this camp and see the behaviour of the cult leader with their own eyes. We ask all international human rights organisations to support the basic human rights of the families who have been picketing here for the last 12 months.

There is no doubt that in the next stage, the cult leaders will resort to direct assassination, in which case the various UN bodies and the international organisations who have been keeping silent to protect the political benefits of some in the US and the EU, will be partly responsible for such a disaster.

Translated by Iran Interlink

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