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On the Anniversary of Explosion at US offices in Tehran

The Letter of the Families of Terror Victims in Middle East to the American Authorities on the Anniversary of Explosion at US offices in Tehran

Dear Mr. Obama:
President of the United States of America
On January 1973 a few terrorist explosions took place in some American buildings and companies including RTI Radio Television Company and Pan American airlines. The terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq which pretends to be a human rights defender issued statements and claimed the responsibility for the explosions. The MKO (PMOI) stated that such acts were in line with their anti-capitalist and anti-American objectives.

Mr. President,
We are the members of the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism in Middle East who have lost our family members in various acts of terrorism. Among us there are more than 12000 Iranians and thousands of Iraqis and Kuwaitis who have been assassinated by Mojahedin-e Khalq members. Based on these facts and the responsibility we feel on our shoulders, we had to inform you about the terrorist threats of some extremist groups like MKO. Accordingly we wanted to mention the threat which is posed by Mojahedin Organization to the global community and especially American society.

Your Excellency,
Mojahedin-e Khalq is an organization which has murdered many people including seven American counselors and thousands of innocent civilians. Planting bombs, high-jacking, armed robbery and money-laundering are some other crimes they have committed. This organization has also been

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