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MKO terrorists flee as people-power overtakes Egypt

The dramatic changes in Egypt brought about by a people weary with western backed dictatorship and harsh repression which has imposed cruel injustices on the population for thirty years, have caused ructions in the parasitical agencies which have fed off this situation.

Along with the closure of the Israeli embassy, the constant movement of foreign secret service offices in Cairo, a safe house and a dormitory of the Mojahedin-e Khalq in Cairo has been deserted and the personnel have been rushed to one of their bases in Jordan. According to our source (an Egyptian official who has now joined the people) the MEK base in Cairo has been left abandoned with all the belongings left in place.

Apparently the Jordanian authorities are not happy to see an expansion in the number of MEK operatives in their capital, but the Mossad agents in charge of the move have ignored the complaints of the Jordanians and have moved the MEK to a new hide out (one semi-clandestine office and two houses near the office of Saddam’s daughter).

The Jordanian authorities are naturally wary of the ongoing daily demonstrations against their newly appointed government and do not want more trouble imposed on them.

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