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Egypt rejected MEK’s support demand

Reported by Al-Sharq  , Egyptian diplomatic sources said Egypt has ignored a request by the delegation of the People’s Mojahedin Organization (MKO) that visited recently to demand the support of Egypt for the MKO in the face of growing Iranian influence in Iraq. The source noted that in regard to the strained relations between Cairo and Tehran, which asserts that it can tolerate no more tension, the existence of disparities and problems in the relations in the recent period does not mean interference of Egypt in Iran’s internal affairs.
The sources said that Cairo did not take the request of the group seriously, although it had assented to its visit and to listen to their point of view about the regional issues including the Iranian-Egyptian relations.
Earlier, reported by Al-Masry-Al-Youm , a delegation of MKO had a visit to Cairo last week to discuss their cause with some Egyptian bodies and human rights organizations. It notes that some sources linked the Iranian opponents’ arrival in Cairo to the recently tense relations between Egypt and Iran on the backdrop of Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.
MKO looked like it was on the ropes when Iraqi Prime Minister announced he wanted the group’s military base, Camp Ashraf, near the Iranian border closed within two months. Being a globally designated terrorist group, MKO hopes that the EU’s Jan. 26 decision will unlock untold millions of dollars frozen in European banks allowing it to freely move to any country it wills. But even those countries having a tense relation with Iranian regime are cautious not to aggravate it by letting the opponent terrorists settled in their country regardless of their responsibility towards their nation to protect them against the threat of terrorism.

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