Pictorial- Mr. Ali Abdi succeeded to escape Rajavi’s Cult

Mr. Ali Abdi succeeded to escape Rajavi’s Cult in January 2011. He joined the families who are on strike at Ashraf gates. Mr. Abdi was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces in 1985 when he was a service-man of Iranian army. In 1988 he was recruited by MKO agent, Mehdi Abrishamchi . Since he was sick and tired of hard life in Iraqi prisons, he was deceived by MKO’s propaganda and entered Camp Ashraf.
Mr.Abdi:"Previously we had no patrolling post in our units, but nowadays ,there are 6 of the most loyal members who always patrol the units and a duty officer supervises them . The members have lost their entire confidence to the group and their minds face a lot of contradictions. They should report their contradictory thoughts every day so the leaders doubt every one and fear their escape. ".."families presence at Ashraf gates has enormously impressed members but the group heads have completely blocked any runaway way."
Mr. Ali Abdi succeeded to escape Rajavi's Cult


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