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Ms. Batoul Maleki Open Letter to president of France On MKO

The honorable president of France, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy


I am utterly confident that you are completely familiar with the name of the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran which is a destructive Iranian organization based in your country, France .
Mrs. Batoul Maleki Open Letter to president of France On MKO
I am the former member of this notorious organization who separated from them during the Persian Gulf War (August 2, 1990 – February 28, 1991 also known as Operation Dessert Storm).

In the authenticated news , it has been mentioned that the Judicial court of France has exonerated 24 members of pmoi who were detained as a result of the money laundering as well as terrorist activities in 2003 in France .

Among those exonerated members there is also the name of Maryam Rajavi the ringleader of pmoi , the wife of Massoud Rajavi the fugitive spiritual leader of pmoi.

Mr. President

Pmoi was constituted to fight against the monarchy regime of Iran who was ruled by the Iranian king, Mohammad reza shah .All its founders and leaders were captured and finally executed by the Shah’s regime except Massoud Rajavi the second rank member of pmoi who his fully cooperation with SAVAK , The Shah’s Intelligence Service Agency ,and revealing the name of his comrades to the SAVAK rescued him from being executed by the shah’s firing squad so he was sentenced to life in prison.

After the revolution 1979 in Iran, Massoud Rajavi in the absence of the pmoi founders ,took over the leadership of the organization. As a result of his mismanagement and making lots of mistakes in his decision making little by little he diverted the organization from its main path .As a result of his huge mistakes thousands of Iranian people paid the price of his mistakes by incarceration , torture and execution. He and some of his close colleagues and friends escaped from Iran and they took refuge in your country, France. During the war between Iran and Iraq he left France to Iraq and according to the documentary films and authenticated documents at hand he began cooperating with the late dictator of Iraq , Saddam Hussein and he sold lots of Iran’s substantial military and civil information to Saddam Hussein government and in return he received lots of military equipments and arms.

Mr. President

The pmoi leaders , Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam , not only betrayed Iranian people during the war between Iran and Iraq by giving vital information to Saddam Hussien government and fully cooperating with the Iraqi government then, but also they incarcerated and tortured their dissident members inside their organization and they instructed and ordered the killing of many of them in different ways.

They ordered the compulsory divorce inside their organization and they forced 700 to 800 children to be separated from their mothers forcibly by the pretext of the war and its dangerous consequences. Those children dispersed around the world. Some of those children were returned to Iraq again while they were very young. some of those children were killed in different occasions . pmoi incarcerated many of my comrades and I who had a baby in 3 prisons in Iraq for 4 months and also I had been sent in exile for one year and half . Finally I could go to Switzerland by I’ONU.

Pmoi has incarcerated and tortured many of my comrades even they killed some of them. Some of my comrades had been sent to the Iraqi notorious prison , Abu ghorib, and later those comrades were exchanged with the Iraqi soldiers who were prisoner of war in Iran in a transaction with Iranian regime , meaning , the PMOI dissident members who were incarcerated in Abu ghorib were exchanged with the Iraqi soldiers who were prisoners of war in Iran .PMOI by the direct order of Saddam Hussein also participated in killing of many Iraqi Shea and Kurds who were participating in popular uprising against Saddam Hussein government.

During invasion of Iraq led by USA, Mujahedin gave up and surrendered themselves to the United states army and Massoud Rajavi himself ran away. Maryam Rajavi and some of her close friends and colleagues entered to your country , France.

Since one year ago many Iranian families who have loved ones inside Ashraf Garrison have come from different locations to see their loved ones whom they have not seen them more than twenty years but so far the PMOI leaders and operatives have not allowed those families to meet their loved ones PMOI has incarcerated its members and do not allow them to go and meet their families . Recently the members of PMOI skirmished with Iraqi solders that as a result of that a number of PMOI members got killed .Until now that I am writing this letter to you it has passed one month from the skirmish between PMOI and Iraqi soldiers but so far the PMOI has not allowed their deceased members to be buried just because they want to put pressure on Iraqi government by keeping the dead bodies as hostages to force Iraqi government to allow them to stay in Iraq, like Saddam Hussein who took his own people as hostages to put pressure on United states to leave Iraq.

PMOI and the national council of resistance ,the PMOI political wing, has ordered the beating or even killing the separated members in the European countries , the PMOI operatives and mercenaries attacked the separated members in FIAP in Paris and they injured some of the separated members in there and when they saw that police was coming some of them began hitting themselves by sharp items such as knife to pretend that the separated people injured them.

The PMOI operatives attacked the separated members who were participating in a peaceful and lawful picketing and demonstration in the town of Cergy and they injured some of the separated members. The PMOI operatives in different occasions attacked the separated members in different countries and injured them.

Dear Mr. President

The PMOI operatives and their mercenaries not only they did not have any mercy upon the Iranian people but also they had no mercy upon their separated members even in free countries such as France and they attack their separated members .

The PMOI has gathered lots of money from money laundering and etc and unfortunately they spent lots of those money to attract the lawyers and different people to support pmoi for their actions.

Mr. President

If all those facts which I mentioned above are not terrorist and violent acts so how can we describe a terrorist entity ?

Why did your court of law and your judges make such a decision to exonerate pmoi operatives and their leader Maryam Rajavi from the charges?

Were the separated members and the victims of pmoi present In this decision making in your court of law?

While in 2003 Maryam Rajavi and her colleagues got arrested , by the direct order of Maryam Rajavi the members of PMOI set themselves on fire in different countries while the PMOI operatives were present at the scene . As a result of that 2 members of PMOI were burned to death and some got burned badly.

Are not these violent actions unlawful in your country while someone for her release ask her followers to set themselves on fire and commit suicide?

I would like to draw your attention to this concrete fact that PMOI has 2 faces , one is its external face which tries to show itself as a political organization and the other face which is hidden purposely is their internal relations which represent completely a dangerous religious cult .

Mr. President

I as a victim of PMOI , urge you to intervene in this decision making . I urge you not to allow such a terrorist organization plays with your rules of law which represent democracy and freedom in your country just because your country has political problems with Iranian regime.

Do not allow your country become ashamed of itself in front of Iranian people and their history like United states which with its support of the shah and coup d’état against national and lawful prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh has become ashamed of itself in front of Iranian people.

 Respectfully ,

  Batoul Maleki

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