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MKO Violence against members’ families

The images you see below show the eastern part of Ashraf Cultic garrison.

Every day at this part, some of the brainwashed members of the “ destructive mind-control Cult of Rajavi”, covering their faces ; target the suffering families -who are awaiting their beloved ones’ visit eagerly – by strings and catapults.

On these photos one can see the families trying to invite the brainwashed elements to talk friendly instead of throwing stones.

Although the only way the MKO cultic system is acquainted with is: “violence” no matter against whom.

It is said that some of these people are Iraqi mercenaries who are stationed inside the camp through whom the organization puts forward its sabotage and crisis mongering operations inside Iraq.

Families have lodged a complaint along with strong documents against the leadership of the MKO to the judiciary system of Iraq; although it may be blocked by US agents and other related elements, the same as other complaints and documents.

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