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MKO former member open letter to the US Secretary of state

Mojahedin Khalq have been and are terrorists

Honorable and distinguished Secretary of state of the United States, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton
I am Milad Ariayei who spent more than 20 years of my youth in pmoi
Respectfully , first I would like to introduce myself . I am Milad Ariayei who spent more than 20 years of my youth in pmoi and I would like to share my experiences with you about pmoi. the experiences which are the yield and the outcome of my life in there.
I ,as a result of living closely with pmoi , am completely familiar and acquainted with their violent and savage thoughts ,consequently I can inform you about the prospects , outlooks and objectives of this organization and I can be a very useful source of information in this regard and i hope you can utilize my experiences for a better judgment over pmoi file.
I ,as a critic and opposed to such thoughts which has developed in my country and has grown among the opposition groups of Iran and Iranian people , would like to speak to you and as the former member of the central council and committee of this organization, would like to draw your attention to the following vital facts :

As you know that the current world has been suffering a lot from the terrorism and the terrorist and fundamentalist thoughts which has jeopardized the routine and normal life of every human beings.

As you know that the terrorist groups with their violent objectives are trying their best to compel and impose their retarded ideology and thoughts to the people and in case of any sign of resistance and opposition to their thoughts they will respond in the bloodiest way possible and they begin to physical removal and assassinate their opponents and anyone who has any dissent with their thoughts and ideology.

Our current world has been confronting with different challenges as a result of This retarded and fundamentalist ideology and thoughts, consequently the responsibility of all the world political figures specially the ones who have more influence in the world than others is doubled . I believe that you as the secretary of state of the United states with your expert diagnosis and timely decision making can beget the condition which the people of the world can live peacefully.
In the Middle East and in one of the most stressful countries of the world , Iran , the pmoi is one of the terrorist organizations which has been listed and designated as a terrorist organization in the US state department -terrorist list since 1997and since then This organization has tried its best to escape from justice by changing its face. Pmoi in the condition which there has not been any changes in its thoughts and objectives ,is trying hard in the current world to reach to its unjust objectives and needs which are wrapped in fake gold , by deceiving the political thoughts and they are ready to sacrifice thousands to reach to their unjust objectives.
Now I would like to inform you about this organization swiftly and simply.

The ideology of pmoi
Pmoi in its ideology and intellectual basis believes in physical removal of its opponents and they do not believe in any political or ideological dialogue with their opponents and they believe that any dialogue with their opponents is futile and fruitless. They believe ideologically that anyone who is killed for their holy objectives and their cause will enter to the paradise.

The formation of pmoi
Pmoi does not have the character , relations, formation or establishment and the leadership of an organization or a democratic party. This organization believes in the spiritual leader or in the Arabic expression , Amirol Momenin.
Massoud Rajavi is the permanent spiritual leader of this current and claims to have connection with the 12th imam (Imam Zaman, The 12th imam of Shiites who is absent and will emerge someday in the current world ) . The spiritual leader of this organization with this way of thinking and ideology never believes in democratic election within its organization and for this reason till he lives he will be the permanent leader and the owner of this organization, consequently he will not be responsive to his members , supporters and even the Iranian people.

This formation and establishment runs like a confined religious cult(sect) which does not believe in the freedom of thoughts, votes , and public opinion and it tries its best to impose its will upon others.
In Massoud Rajavi’s ideology and beliefs , he is the only one who has the ability to know the facts of our current world and he is the only one who can understand the reality of creation , universe and political relations.
The leadership in this organization is sacred and the leadership is a belief and it is not a political matter and in comparison with Bin Laden , the political and spiritual leader of Al Qaeda, Massoud Rajavi has the same position as Bin Laden had.

Pmoi and the issue of freedom and democracy
-The pmoi internal relations is based on religious beliefs and like the other ideological systems , they are not committed to any principled and fundamental basis of human rights, the definite freedoms mentioned in the United Nation’s charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
-The dissidents and critics are severely suppressed and oppressed inside the pmoi relations.
-There is no individual and personal security and safety for the critics inside pmoi relations.
-The dissidents are confronted with harassment , insult, humiliation , torture and imprisonment.
-The individual freedom , the humane prestige and personality , individual security and safety, right to freedom of marriage and divorce and freedom of expression and opinion are all severely suppressed.
– They are so called courts of law inside pmoi for the dissidents and critics who desire to leave and maximum punishment is the death penalty.

The management systems and practices in pmoi

There is no communication whatsoever between the members of this organization with the outside world and any means such as radio , television , newspaper and magazines are not provided for the members. The intellectual and political feeding is carried out just by pmoi news sources such as internal bulletin , training within the organization, and closed circuit televisions .

Nobody has the right to discuss about politics and political issues. Any connection between 2 friends and family is completely forbidden. such connections are labeled as liberal links and they are totally forbidden. Gathering of 2 or 3 persons out of pmoi supervision is completely forbidden and will have harsh consequences for the perpetrators.
The only way that we can value the pmoi internal relations is to compare their relations with the similar ideology in the medieval.

Madam Secretary of State

It is unbelievable but you should know that in 21 century inside the pmoi relations nobody is allowed to have a radio and nobody is allowed to listen to the news and the only way that the members of pmoi can receive news is by pmoi formal channels.
Nobody inside the pmoi relations has no rights and everything in pmoi is compulsory and obligatory. Every person who enters to pmoi relations should be completely obedient and devoted.

Reading book in pmoi relations is completely forbidden and if someone has a passion to read a book he or she will be considered as dissident who wants to leave pmoi. Inside Ashraf garrison , there is a library but it is just for deceiving the guests and outsiders.

Pmoi and how they deal with other characters and Iranian opposition inside and outside of Iran

As a result of Pmoi suppressive and anti democratic nature and character, the pmoi does not recognize any move or action from other political oppositions and instead they attack to those political oppositions offensively . in pmoi point of view there are more than hundred political and open minded activists in United states and European countries who are working for Iranian intelligence service . the pmoi insult and accusations toward Iranian political activists is not confined just to Iranians even Mrs. Madeleine Albright the former Secretary of state of the united states was slandered by pmoi as an agent of Iranian intelligence service. Every one in European parliament or in UK House of Lords also can be insulted , labeled and accused by pmoi as an agent of Iranian intelligence service . It is worth noting that these kind of accusations and insult are pmoi known tactics to escape from the revelation of their real entity and criticism and they have chosen this kind of tactic to escape from being responsive about their past and internal relations.

Pmoi deals and confronts with its opponents and critics in European countries by intimidation, slander , insult, violence and mace bearing. Up to now more than ten session and meeting of other political opposition and human rights activists have been attacked by the followers of Massoud Rajavi and the participants in those sessions and meetings have been badly beaten up by pmoi followers.

Honorable Mrs. Clinton
I am hoping that by this brief letter I would inform you about pmoi and I would like you to share my experiences about pmoi with your colleagues and experts in state department to determine their accuracy.

I hope that pmoi endeavors in delisting itself from your terrorist list by reading my letter is evaluated and scrutinized . I would like to announce that I am fully ready to answer any question in this regard.

Milad Ariyaei

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