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Ali Jahani open letter to the Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki

America is the main criminal force behind terrorism in Iraq

Open letter to the honorable and distinguished Prime-Minister of Iraq, Mr. Nouri Al- Maliki I, Ali Jahani, am the former member of PMOI

Respectfully, I, Ali Jahani, am the former member of PMOI (MKO, Mujahedin Khalgh). During twenty years of my close activity in this organization, I had been witnessing many terrifying and horrible experiences of breach of the human rights and awful crimes which probably are unbelievable for some people.

I ,after 2 decades of active cooperation with this organization which its preliminary objectives were 180 degree different than its final objectives ,fortunately could rescue myself from PMOI after the fall of the Saddam Hussein , the dictator of Iraq, in 2004 and after spending 4 years in the American camp , TIPF, which was located near the PMOI main garrison , Ashraf, I could find my way to Turkey and from Turkey I could come to Germany and in Germany beside my life I have been trying my best to reveal and disclose the PMOI inhumane and un political activities by my enlightening activities and my awareness disclosure . Now I would like to share with you some of my experiences which I had seen closely during my membership in PMOI.

1. Espionage, political and military cooperation with the government of Saddam Hussein and PMOI participation in killing of Kurds and suppression of the Shiites in southern part of Iraq.

2. Compulsory separation of the children from their biological parents inside PMOI relations and imposing and forcing the married people to get divorced from each other.

3. Any connection with the family is forbidden and the PMOI leaders force their members to kill any kind of sentiment and feeling with their beloved ones and in stead the members should worship Massoud and Maryam Rajavi.

4. Building prisons in their internal relations and torture the dissidents inside those prisons just because they were against the PMOI inhumane policies inside the PMOI relations.

5. The strong censorship inside the PMOI relations about “News” and forbidding having any personal radio and the only News source was the PMOI news network.

6. After the fall of the Saddam Hussein, the Iraq dictator, the PMOI leaders have not allowed the families of their stranded members to visit them and right now there are many families behind the closed gates of Ashraf garrison who have been waiting for more than a year to visit their loved ones but so far the leaders of PMOI have not allowed them.

As you are well informed that since the beginning of the April 2011 there were bloody clashes between the PMOI stranded members and your military forces which had begot many casualties , more than 10 people were killed and hundreds were wounded, but these clashes are not the first one and will not be the last one either.

The leadership of PMOI without having any military achievement send his stranded members to fight against your military force to be killed or injured just to take advantage of their blood for his political objectives and for conservation of his cultic entity and position, but everybody knows that PMOI has remained in your country as unwelcome guests and as collaborator and partner of Saddam Hussein in his bloody crimes against humanity.

The leadership of PMOI does not want to leave your soil without bloodshed and clashes. They do not want to pay the price of being responsive to their bloody cooperation with Iraq dictator during eight years war between Iran and Iraq and their recent unjust clashes with the Iraqi forces which resulted to the death of many stranded members of PMOI, so the leadership of PMOI is looking for more bloody clashes and violence to hide the realities mentioned above and annihilate more of its dissidents in the future clashes. The clash between the stranded members and the Iraqi military forces is the only solution which the leadership of PMOI is thinking about to get rid of its dissidents.

You are maybe familiar with some of the PMOI inhumane and anti-human rights activities which exist like cultic rules and regulations in their internal relations and as a result of this fact, cultic rules and regulations, the cults for conserving their cultic entity are ready to sacrifice their members and they are capable of doing any violent and vicious activity for their survival.

In your recent interview with the news network, Al alam , you mentioned that some of the western countries have supported this organization financially consequently you want to make a complaint against those countries. Your decision is very great and admirable and I believe the main criminal in this issue is United States of America because of its support of this terrorist organization on Iraq soil without consideration of the will of Iraqi people and their honorable and popular government.

I, the former member of this organization, am fully pleased of your decision regarding the expulsion of this terrorist organization from your country till end of this year, but I am urging you, regarding to accomplish the expulsion mandate of PMOI, do not allow any clashes to occur between your military forces and PMOI stranded members because PMOI leadership is looking for such bloody clashes to survive. I am urging you to solve this problem as peaceful as possible and the peaceful solution results in freedom of the stranded members and will make their families very happy.


Ali Jahani, Iran Pen, Germany

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