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Ali Jahani Fard letter to the Iraq Prime Minister

Yours Excellency, Dr. Nouri al Maliki the honorable and distinguished Prime Minister of Iraq
Ali Jahani,MKO former member
I, Ali Jahani Fard, am one of the victims of Rajavi’s cult who spent and wasted twenty years of my best years of my life, the youth period, inside the notorious and horrifying relations of this cult in Ashraf fort which was established and organized by the leaders of this cult specifically the Rajavis.

I am very thankful and grateful to you and your popular and elected government because of all your peaceful efforts and endeavors in relocating the Ashraf people to camp Liberty.

Honorable Prime Minister , as all we know that the leaders of this notorious cult specifically the Rajavis after the fall of the former dictator of Iraq , Saddam Hussein , have played their role as the opposition of your legitimate and popular government and these leaders according to their violent essence and content have tried their best to preserve Ashraf , the pmoi most sensitive facility and the breeding ground of their cult , by creating bloody scuffles and violent conflicts with your forces to beget bloodshed and make fake propagandas in favor of themselves and against your government in western countries by showing themselves as innocents and oppressed and your government as tyrants and as suppressive forces .we also observed and witnessed that the leadership of this cult tried its best to interfere and obstruct and slow the relocation process as much as possible but fortunately by your awareness and by your government close cooperation with the officials of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), all those tricks , deceptions , and excuses did not work and thwarted and despite of all those tricks the relocation process is underway .

Honorable Prime Minister , I got informed recently that some of the victims of this cult have escaped from Liberty camp and they surrendered themselves to the Iraqi police ,therefore I ,with twenty years of experience in this notorious and horrifying cult , should inform you about these escapes which substantiate and prove this concrete fact that pmoi leadership after losing their main breeding ground of their cult , Ashraf, are trying their best to convert and change the liberty camp to another Ashraf to continue their cultic life , therefore in my point of view ,to prevent such a thing from happening , I urge you to continue their relocation process peacefully without any bloodshed and I urge you to order to your officials to separate the ordinary members ,which are the majority in the camp , from the criminal operatives and the ringleaders of this cult . If you separate the victims from the ringleaders, you will succeed to prevent conversion of the liberty camp to another Ashraf and beyond all, in this atmosphere these victims can decide freely about their future and their destiny without any interference and obstruction of the ringleaders who always try their best to put those victims under severe pressures and intimidations to prevent them from thinking about their future freely.

I also urge you to beget an opportunity for those stranded victims to meet their loved ones and their families without the presence of pmoi ringleaders and the operatives so they can consult with their families about their future freely.


Ali Jahani Fard/ The former veteran member of Rajavi’s cult

Iran pen association, Germany, May 30 2012

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