Pictorial – Darius Balafkandeh, MKO defector joined his family

On Monday September19, Mr. Darius Balafkandeh joined his family  . Embraced by his mother, he said with watery eyes:

“The MKO is nothing but a liar. Since the moment I decided to flee the strictly controlled system of Rajavi, I tried to reach Iraqi forces protecting Camp Ashraf with great difficultly. I was welcomed by families picketing in front of camp Ashraf. I have to say bravely that when I faced Iranian officials at the Embassy in Iraq, I was surprised to see their humanly kind treatment toward me. I found out that I had been influenced by Rajavi’s indoctrination and forced presence in the group. I had only heard lies during those years. I am really embarrassed now.”
Darius Balafkandeh, MKO defector joined his family


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