One more defector of Rajavi’s Cult joined his family

Mr. Hamid Hajipur who has experienced the bitterness of being captive in exile for more than 20 years, managed to release himself from the bars of Rajavis’ Cult and returned home and joined his family in Nejat Society office, Gilan Branch.

Mr. Hamid Hajipur joined his family

Declaring his separation from MKO and expressing his hatred towards the organization’s compulsory work camp; Camp Ashraf, Mr. Hajipur returned to his homeland and to his warm family center to shape his own life as he wishes.

Nejat Society, Gilan Branch welcomes Mr. Hajipur and congratulates his family on the return of their beloved son.

Nejat Society looks forward for the release of all captives of Rajavis’ Cult in near future.


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