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Iraq to close Ashraf Camp with suitable haven

State of Law MP Ali al-Shalah said that there are moves to close anti-Iranian Ashraf Camp through the Iraqi foreign ministry, which is trying to find a haven for them in European countries.
Shalah told Aswat al-Iraq that his bloc "is trying to reach a peaceful and humanitarian solution to Ashraf Camp question", calling "western European countries to extend their assistance to finalize this question".

"Iraq has enough problems, and does not want to enter in new ones with neighboring counties", he added.

Anti-Iranian Mojahedin-e Khalq is stationed in Ashraf Camp in Diala province, north east Baghdad, since 1985 with special care of the ex-regime, where it began its attacks on Iranian territories.

After the US intervention in 2003, the American forces kept their base without weapons, which was put under US care, though they were classified as "terrorist organization".

After signing the security agreement between Baghdad and Washington at the end of 2008, the Iraqi government held the responsibility of the camp and called for permanently closing it at the end of this year.

UN mission in Iraq called the Iraqi government to abide by the principles of international law in dealing with Mojahedin-e Khalq.

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