10 Ashraf residents escape and join Iraqi Police

Nejat Society reporting from Al-Sumariya News – a security source in Diyala Province declared on Friday Decemebr23 that ten residents of Camp Ashraf – the Mujahedin Khalq ‘s headquarter in 10 Ashraf residents escape and join Iraqi PoliceIraq escaped the Camp and surrendered to Iraqi police North of Baquba.

As far as it is known, these people ran away the MKO because of cruelty and injustice exercised by the group leaders.

“10 members of Mujahedin Khalq Organization escaped Camp Ashraf or Camp of New Iraq in a region near Baquba and sought refuge in a police Station there”, said the Iraqi security source.

The source declined to be named. He also said that the ten escapees demanded to be transferred to a third country and declined to give further information.


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