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New Anti-Terror Law Passed by Iraqi parliament

Iraqi lawmakers approved the death penalty Tuesday for anyone financing or "provoking" terrorism. Of 152 lawmakers present, 147 supported the new law.

The law defines terrorism as any criminal act against people, institutions or property that "aims to hurt security, stability and national unity and introduce terror, fear or horror among the people and cause chaos."

It also cites "activity threatening to spark sectarian differences or civil war … including by arming citizens or encouraging or financing their arming."

The tough new anti-terrorism law – a response to almost daily suicide bombings and attacks in Iraq – sets capital punishment for "those who commit … terror acts" as well as "those who provoke, plan, finance and all those who enable terrorists to commit these crimes," according to a text obtained by The Associated Press.

Life imprisonment is the punishment for "whoever intentionally conceals terrorist activity or gives shelter to a terrorist for the purpose of hiding him."


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