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Open letter to Hillary Clinton on Mojahedin Khalq

Honorable US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Greetings,Ghafour Fatahian,MKO defected member
Madam Secretary of State, before mentioning anything, I would like to introduce myself. I , Ghafour Fatahian , who spent 20 years of the best years of my life professionally and full time , from age 18, in different pmoi bases in Iraq as a captive in Rajavi’s organization , can assure you according to the best of my knowledge of this organization that Rajavi and his supporters and advocates , have taken our freedom of action utterly from all of us and they have not left any rights whatsoever for anyone ,except the right of being sacrificed for his ominous desires and whims and if someone was thinking against the Rajavi’s whims , he or she was going to be interrogated harshly for hours and even days in collective sessions and the pmoi operatives were putting them under severe harassment till they were going to become remorseful of their request or their thoughts , then they were transferred to solitary confinement cells in different places in Ashraf Garrison and after passing through the procedures , they were handed over to the Abou Ghraib prison in Iraq and we can all understand clearly what would have happened to those people in there!

Madam Secretary

If I want to talk about all those tortures which were exerted upon us , it needs days to explain but for proving my claims I would like to participate in any courts of law to substantiate and prove my words .

As you are well informed about the condition of Ashraf captivity place ,unfortunately few days ago in Paris, Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo accompanied by some hirelings who were brought there by new deceits and tricks and thousands of dollars to say that the Liberty camp is non standard and it is a prison which even does not have any drinking water!

We know that the liberty camp had been constructed by Americans by specific standards to serve the US soldiers and in this regard I would like to mention that Mrs. . Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo is not the representative of anyone in Ashraf to speak on behalf of them. This lady two weeks ago announced that they will not evacuate and leave Ashraf Garrison by no means and they will defend Ashraf till the last drop of their blood, but this lady announced before that 400 people of Ashraf residents are ready to leave Ashraf to go to the Liberty Camp , whereas until now no one has gone to the Liberty Camp yet.

According to the best of my knowledge of this cult , all these tricks and deceptions have been utilized by the leaders of pmoi to deceive the international societies because Rajavi and his supporters and advocates are not willing to leave this notorious garrison even for one day and their real intention is to buy time as much as possible by deception and fraud , because Rajavi does not have more than one objective which is keeping all those stranded captives in that castle and provoking them to fight with Iraqi forces .

As a result of those facts mentioned above, I am urging you to help those stranded captives in Ashraf before is too late and do not allow them to be sacrificed for the Rajavi ominous whims and desires.

Respectfully ,

Ghafour Fatahian, Germany

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