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The Suffering Souls that Profit

Death of MKO members grants the group an opportunity to make further excuses

According to released news by MKO’s media, a member of the group, Nour Mohammad Biranvand, died of hepatic failure in the New Iraq Camp (Camp Ashraf). Confirming the report, an Iraqi Security source told AlIraqinews (AIN) that “The element died for heart failure.” The group claims that he was long suffering the disease and inaccessibility to specialist hospital and doctors was the cause of his death.

The death of any resident within Ashraf or TTL before anything is the result of the group’s procrastination to relocate and it grants the terrorist group an opportunity to make further excuses and to condemn the Iraqi Government. Besides putting the blame of any death on the Iraqi Government at the present, any death means a gained victory for MKO rather than a human soul perished long away from his/her family.

The Iraqi Government has never denied the residents access to medical services in Iraq. However, as a closed cult, MKO insists to send accompanying observers along with any patients that is to be taken out of the camp to any medical center, an outright violation of a country’s codes. A cult is never expected to care the least for its entrapped members as it is the case with MKO. The responsibility is on the Iraqi Government to expedite the members’ relocation to TTL, where they will get a step nearer to the free world.

On last Thursday, Diyala Operations Command announced the transferring of the second group of the MKO elements which involved 400 elements to TTL. Although MKO played for the time, at last it had to submit to move the second group. It is not clear how long the group intends to prolong its stay in Ashraf, but one thing is crystal clear; there remain less than two months to hit the deadline for complete closure of Ashraf and its departure from Iraq.

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