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The Hired Recruits of a Terrorist Cult

MKO hires businessmen to start a bargain over the suffering residents of Ashraf

Once the Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, said “The rank and file are usually much MKO hires businessmen to start a bargain over the suffering residents of Ashrafmore primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious. The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly… it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”. And it is really a recipe for disaster if a terrorist cult clings onto this Nazi precept in its propaganda activities.

The recent revelations concerning the speaking fees paid to the former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell as a supporter of a designated terrorist group MKO, only one of a group of senior former American officials and military commanders walking on the same line, are sad news to hear especially when you come to realize that these advocates have been a part of an administration that voiced a global war on terrorism. It is hard to believe that they did not know how a military base, Camp Ashraf, emerged out of a desert in the dictatorial reign of Saddam and how it was turned into a cult bastion. And both sides know well what the other side needs and demands.

MKO is looking for the middlemen and businessmen to start a bargain and voice what has been gone unheard for its inclusion in the terror list. The leaders of MKO living in Paris have a low opinion of Ashraf residents as the members of the organization but the best levers to bargain. Being the victims of a terrorist cult for at least 25 years, now the residents enslaved in Ashraf are hostages for a bargain to impose the will of being removed from the terrorist list and the American and European paid middlemen have volunteered to voice it. In fact, the cliché phrases and sentences they parrot in arranged conferences and rallies are exactly what their employers, and the manageresses in particular, have dictated to them. They are confined to two points; “remove MKO from the terrorist list, help Ashraf residents”.

Out of presenting justifications for receiving huge sums of easy money or being conned by an incredible MKO lobbying effort carried out through a series of front groups, none of these nearly two dozen high-profile speakers can justify how they happened to volunteer for bargaining the lot of some hundred suffering souls. Through any taken opportunity in the past, there has been an attempt by ex-members and other experts to tell the world of the concerns about the members not living but enslaved and held in Camp Ashraf against their own will. Maybe the world couldn’t but they could see how the organization was exploiting insiders as human shields to safeguard its own entity rather than being the least concerned about the members themselves.
There has come an opportunity for these enslaved residents to taste freedom after their relocation from Ashraf cult bastion to Temporary Transit Location TTL. But the power of money along with the cultist tactics of MKO is impeding their freedom. The very those people who claim to be a defender of human rights, oppressed people and women in particular are now turning their back on suffering residents and walking against their principles and slogans. Somehow they seem to have been influenced by the brainwashing mechanisms of MKO, demands and principles instilled into them by the force of money. The job was done. They had nothing more to do but to mount the propaganda stage of MKO to enthusiastically repeat and repeat the words put into their minds and months. Under such influence, nobody is ever permitted nor thinks of the predicament of whom, under the hollow slogans of being the pioneers and heroines of freedom and democracy, suffer crushing physical and psychological pressures even worse than those enslaved in the outside world. It is a pity that the so-called advocates of freedom and democracy chant anti-human, pro-cultist and pro-terrorist slogans under the dollar shower of a terrorist cult.

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