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Europe, North America are now required to accept the MKO

Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets Representative of UNICEF, Head of ICRC in Iraq

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari met today 6/5/2012 Mr. Maritseo Babel, UNICEF new Representative in Iraq. 


Both sides discussed the joint state program of Iraq for the period 2011-2014, development assistance, and the importance of updating the public policies in the basic service sectors that affect children’s lives; education, health, nutrition, water, sanitation, and child’s life.

Iraq’s position in achieving the development goals of the millennium in 2015 were tackled in addition to issues of malnutrition and fatalities rates among children under the age of five.

The Minister stressed Iraqi government’s keenness on supporting the activities and programs of UNICEF to achieve the required cooperation and coordination with the competent ministries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs met Mr. Biat Schwiser, Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Iraq, and reviewed with him the activities and programs of the mission in Iraq.

Inspection operations , looking for the Iraqi and Iranian Missing In Action (MIA) dead bodies in Fao and Majnoon areas were discussed as well as the tripartite committee; Iraqi-Iranian-ICRC, activities.

The Minister also reviewed the results of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti talks during the Second Round Meetings of the Supreme Ministerial Committee, especially the humanitarian file, confirming that the Iraqi-Kuwaiti cooperation continues in the search for the Kuwaiti MIA and properties, adding that a number of proposals were submitted to continue the inspections as well as referring the

Iraq has fulfilled its international commitment, European, North American and foreign States are now required to accept the Mojahedin Khalq

issue to be addressed bilaterally, even if it was carried out under the supervision of ICRC or UNAMI.

The Minister also evaluated the ICRC role in communicating with the residents of Ashraf Camp and Liberty Camp, praising the humanitarian and professional role of the ICRC, confirming Iraq’s fulfilling its international commitment and that the European, North American, and foreign states are required to accept resettling the residents of Ashraf Camp in their countries because their stay in Liberty Camp is temporary and transitional.

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