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Delisting MKO Terrorists for Humanitarian Causes!

The emergency issue to be dealt with at the moment is survival of suffering members of MKO

It is a common understanding that terrorists continue their aggressive and parasitic life throughThe emergency issue to be dealt with at the moment is survival of suffering members of MKO violating human rights and breaching the principles of democracy. A modern type is using the pretext of human rights and democracy against adversaries and opponents whenever it suits. It is not surprising to see them proposing annihilation of human beings and supporting the most tyrannical and brutal approaches in order to reach their selfish, anti-human interests. It is not also surprising to see that terrorists who are committing the most horrible crimes, or have the potentiality, are sponsored by the states and supported by the advocates that not only appreciate their bellicose, aggressive attitude of opposition but are also nice to them so long as they are serving as useful servants.

Mojahedin Khalq Organization MKO/MEK/MKI/PMOI strategy of armed warfare that constitutes its organizational infrastructure from its very formation has confronted the organization with a new challenge in spite of its widespread propaganda to convince the West it has made revisions. But it seems that MKO gets much advantage out of an equivocal attitude. In many occasions, MKO has admitted the necessity of armed struggle as an ideological necessity that constitutes the violent ontology of MKO. And that is what the western advocates of MKO expect it more than its chanting slogans of democracy particularly when they are reportedly in a warlike array for hostile purposes against the Iranian regime.

Reported to have spoken on Capitol Hill, General Thomas McInerney USAF (ret) alongside former CIA officer Clare Lopez demanded the US to abandon diplomatic efforts with Iran and to remove MEK from the terrorist list, and prepare for all-out war. They argued that the time had passed to resolve the nuclear issue with Iran, and the US should instead actively pursue regime change by military and covert means. He called for the Obama administration to remove the MEK from the Foreign Terrorist Organization list, which under current law prohibits the United States from working with the group:

“The MEK is being thrown under the bus by the Obama administration. The Clinton and Bush administration also threw them under the bus. It is criminal what has been done there and how we have treated these people who have been such valuable allies to us.”

In their debate over whether to go to war with Iranian regime, hawks once more draw MKO along to pat as a valuable ally, and no doubt it has proved to be. Crime, as they define it, is not the atrocities perpetrated by the terrorists their own administrations have blacklisted for undeniable and sound evidences; it is dismissing the rewards they had promised to provide notwithstanding the undisputable slaughter of many thousands of lives recorded in the group’s nearly half-decade long history of armed struggle.

The hawks’ suggestion to delist MKO as the valuable allay in the battle against Iran once more verifies the fact that some other colleagues definitely put the finger on in the State Department’s report presented to Congress on MKO in 1994, stressing that “They [Mojahedin] established an organization dedicated to armed struggle”. The blatant truth is that they are in need of no human rights activists or seekers of democracy, however hollow the slogans are. They are in need of some names in their propaganda warfare to bully the adversary, however hollow the name is.

MKO is only a name manipulated in a political game to warranty interests, although it does anything in its power to survive, being it blatant violation of human rights and breaching the principles of democracy. To be fair, delisting MKO never helps to liberate its enslaved members but serves the interests of its sponsors and advocates. The emergency issue to be dealt with at the moment is survival of many hundred suffering members of MKO abused at the hands of the group as the pretext of human rights violation.

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