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On Washington Post Enlightening Article about MKO

A letter to the Chairman of Washington Post on Article about Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult

Hasan PiransarHonorable the chief executive officer and chairman of the Washington post company, Mr. Donald E. Graham

Greetings and with respect to you and your popular and honorable company,

Few days ago on 6 of July 2012, an article written by Miss Julie Jowarrick published in popular and honorable Washington post newspaper regarding the pmoi terrorist organization or Rajavi’s cult. We not only support and confirm all the facts mentioned in this article about the pmoi terrorist organization which is a very dangerous cult but also we are urging the media and the press to broadcast and publish like this article to promote the vigilance and intelligence of the people and politicians in United States concerning this religious – terrorist cult .

We are the former members and officials and commanders of this terrorist-religious cult who have lived for decades in this dangerous cult and we had been witnessing their internal cultic affaires and relations as well as their ominous objectives in living with them for decades and for this reason we have become very reliable sources to identify their real content and essence . After reading the mentioned article in Washington post newspaper which was containing truths and facts concerning this terrorist – religious cult , we decided to write our appreciation letter to Miss Julie Jowarrick Tate ,the author of this article , and the honorable Washington post company for writing such a documentary article in the Washington post which is the most reliable company in USA in broadcasting and publishing the documentary articles and news for informing the people in US.

We believe that we should mention to this fact that according to our experiences and vital information regarding to this notorious cult , we have been beaten up , insulted, and threatened to death in many occasions by the operatives and hoodlums of this cult to close our mouth and become silent but because we are responsible towards our conscience and people to reveal their real terrorist entity for all the people throughout the world , we never stop our revelations about their real essence which is a terrorist content. In this regard we are ready to share our experiences regarding to this notorious cult ,which is the outcome of the decades of living in this cult ,with the media and the press specially with your honorable and distinguished company to promote and increase your awareness and vigilance and knowledge about this terrorist-religious cult whenever and wherever it is appropriate . we try our best to pay our liability to the international society and people by introducing and revealing the true content of this cult.

Again , we would like to thank Miss Julie Jowarrick for writing such a documentary article regarding to this terrorist -religious cult and we hope in the near future in a private and face to face meeting with you and other official newspapers and the media , we reveal and expose more facts to promote the general awareness and vigilance concerning this dangerous and notorious cult .

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Hassan Piransar / the former veteran member of pmoi/ Faryade Azadi, Paris

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