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MEK: leaving Ashraf, not leaving violence

Several times I have noticed that different spokespersons of the US Department of State have indicated that the MEK can show it is distancing itself from its violent past if they leave Camp MEK: leaving Ashraf, not leaving violenceAshraf. Do they really believe so? Does the State Department believe that physically leaving a camp proves a change in the ideology and beliefs of such group?

Facts and information regarding the MEK proves the opposite. I wonder whether the analysts and decision makers in the Department ever take a look at open source information about the MEK and its websites. I mean there is no need to send an agent inside the group as FBI had done in the 1990s, they just need to sit and review the group’s behaviors.

A few weeks ago, a group of ex-members of the MEK who had been imprisoned and tortured by the group on a false basis, held a rally in Paris, France where they were attacked and severely beaten by agents of the MEK. One ex member was taken to hospital and the rest suffered various injuries.

The MEK actually does not hide its ambition to use violence. They physically and verbally attack their critics and have not bothered with any internal behavioral change.

Recently I sent an email to the Department of State but received no feedback, therefore I will ask again, ‘do you think that if the MEK had not been forced to put its guns down they would actually stop their acts of terror?’ The forced disarmament by the American Army does not mean any ideological and tactical change has taken place in the MEK.

I would like to make another recommendation for the experts in the Department. Would you guys please take a look on the Persian Social Media sites where the MEKs are active. Reviewing such data out of Facebook and Balatarin and reading the MEKs comments where they still proudly talk about their killings and bombings show an obvious desire to continue with their past.

I have further suggestions: in order to show good will the MEK can hand over those members of the organization who were responsible for assassinations and attacks to be given a fair trial in a recognized court of justice such as the International Criminal Court. I would use the same argument if in the future when Al Qaida battles to be removed from the US terror list.

Following are a few examples of MEK terrorism in early 2000 that led to death or injury of several, people including civilians. Is MEK going to hand over those responsible to the International Criminal Court in order to prove its distance from violence?

Assassination of General Ali SayadShirazi

Mortar attack in Tehran February 2000 "Operation Great Bahman," (led to the death of at least 2 civilians)

Attempt of Assassination of General Reza SeifAllahi in August 2001

By Arian Parsi,

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